back to news Oct. 12, 2021

Becker Scholarship Fund contributes to dance student's invaluable experience

Meghan Mulcahy

Stella J. Becker Scholarship Fund

My name is Meghan Mulcahy, and I am a third-year in the Department of Dance. I am honored to be a recipient of the Stella J. Becker Scholarship Fund.

To me, this award symbolizes my dedication to the dance program at Ohio State. Through this program, I have had the opportunity to learn a variety of information about the field of dance and witness its impact on myself and my community. As I’ve progressed in the arts through exploring and experiencing dance, I’ve formed invaluable connections with peers and professors that will benefit work in the post-graduate life. I have also maintained a strong GPA and strive to learn more in other subject areas to be a well-rounded college student.

This award is a symbol of the generosity of the artistic and Ohio State communities, something I hope to embody through my fine arts education and later in my career in dance integration."