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Well wishes to our students from Arts and Sciences alumni

Student on the oval at the ohio state involvement fairStudents walk across the Oval during the Ohio State Involvement Fair.

Welcome back, Buckeyes! The College of Arts and Sciences is thrilled to see students return to campus as the 2021 school year kicks off. It has been a long, difficult journey, and there is still some uncertainty as we look ahead. But we are all doing our best to move forward together. As a new semester begins, we asked Arts and Sciences alumni to share messages of encourage and support with our students. Here is what they had to say:

Monique Wingard


Monique Wingard ’06


You are starting a new chapter in your life during unprecedented times. Allow the uncertainty to fuel your faith, not your fears. Continue to be confident and steadfast in the pursuit of your dreams."


Monika Locatis ’20


I understand how hard the pandemic has been for you all, having to experience graduating during the beginning of it. It has taught me to never take moments for granted and to live life to the fullest. So, get out there and cherish every moment during college! Don't hold yourself back! We wish you the best of luck!"


Tony ReynoldsTony Reynolds ’92


You may feel like you lost something, but I can share with you, having experienced something similar, you haven't.

I went to war while still college. Being away made me feel like I missed something. But coming back, it all fell back into place.

Our experience was unique in that the school wasn't set up for us to leave. We had different experiences trying to get our grades/classes rescheduled, or exempted with our deans and academic advisors.

But after it was all sorted out, I appreciated being back to class and with so much to look forward to at school.

Good luck, look forward and enjoy every day you're here!"


Lori Brannigan ’93


Remember that you have it in you to persevere, succeed and maybe even have a little fun in these rather interesting times."


Amy SchmidtAmy Schmidt ’08


It's been and will continue to be a crazy ride of life, but you got this! Be strong, be vulnerable, be curious! Give yourself grace to not overdo it — you just do you at the pace that helps you enjoy what you are doing and who you are doing it with. Focus on the good but get help for the hard and rough. You got this and we are all here to help and cheer you on!"


Lisa Duerk ’81


Welcome back to campus! So glad to see Ohio State students back on campus. Enjoy the year."


Joseph Lach ’81


Enjoy the challenge ahead. How lucky the people on campus will get know you. You have quite the road ahead but take each step with a grateful heart and open mind. Be gentle on yourself. The most incredible people struggle to find their passion."


Lonnie ThomasLonnie Thomas ’07


In these unprecedented times I wish all of you the best going forward. It’s understandable if you have some uncertainties, but rest assured that all will be fine. Continue to strive and be the creative forces that you are!"


William WilkinWilliam Wilkin ’69


The best thing you can do for future generations is to be vaccinated and wear your masks indoors. The second best is to be the best student you can be: work hard, question authority and have some fun (Go Bucks!)."


Emma Siefring ’21


Best of luck back on campus this year! I will be wishing you all well. Enjoy it now that things will be closer to normal, and take advantage of all of the opportunities Ohio State has to offer. Go Bucks!!"


kamilah kingKamilah King Heslop ’11


Welcome HOME to the greatest campus in the land! No need to worry about if you belong or are worthy of attending, because YOU DO and YOU ARE! You have an exciting year ahead of you, Buckeyes — enjoy it!"