Undergraduate Research

Arts and sciences undergraduates engage in leading-edge research, encouraged and supported by faculty mentors, who believe it is never too early to begin. Their amazing achievements prove them right.    

An example: In 2012, undergraduate chemistry major Elisabeth Bianco won $3,000 and first place in a national nanotech competition for exploring the properties of a one-atom thick layer of germanium. She had synthesized and characterized it for the first time in advisor Joshua Goldberger’s lab.

Today Goldberger heads a team awarded $2 M by the National Science Foundation to study germanium and tin’s thermal conductance and thermoelectric properties. He is delighted that Bianco’s work led to further research of ultrathin materials by five senior researchers.

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Student Profiles

  • Walt King.

    Walt King


    I've always been a huge baseball fan and the book "Moneyball" inspired me to explore what could be done quantitatively within the game.

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  • Casey M. Saup

    Casey M. Saup

    Geological Sciences

    The most valuable thing I have learned thus far from this experience is what I can expect in graduate school. I feel like I am much more prepared for graduate school with this undergraduate research experience under my belt than I would be without it. 

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  • Christina Zerda

    Christina Zerda

    Earth Sciences

    My work focuses on mid-ocean ridges which can be found throughout every ocean on Earth. We are interested in how the magma, that later becomes the ocean floor, is stored in the subsurface. The entire dynamics of that system are complex and will help us better understand plate tectonics and how these features work.

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  • Emily Schueller

    Emily Schueller

    Anthropological Sciences

    I employed an ethnographic approach, which emphasizes a holistic understanding of culture and how it impacts individuals’ lives, to study access to education for conservative Muslim women in the Old City area of Hyderabad, India.

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