For a life-changing experience, you may choose from more than 100 study abroad programs. Students who participate in study abroad programs are two-times as likely to find a job within six months of graduation; receive 25 percent higher starting salaries; and 90 percent are accepted by 1st or 2nd choice graduate schools.


You can earn academic credit, fulfill major or minor requirements, experience hands-on learning and gain invaluable insights. With more than 100 study abroad programs in 40+ countries, Arts and Sciences students are going beyond traditional classrooms and laboratories to enhance their global perspective and understanding of the world they live in.

Skills you can gain

Just about any experience abroad will contribute to your “transferable skills,” the skills that are transferable to a wide variety of employment settings. Skills you can acquire during a study abroad include learning to communicate despite language barriers, enhanced appreciation for diversity and being adaptable in new cultures and environments – all of which will help you stand out to employers and grad school admission committees.

Starting Your Search

Each academic year begins with a Education Abroad Expo. The Office of International Affairs offers information sessions to help you begin your planning and their staff are available throughout the year to guide your program selection.

Funding Education Abroad

The College of Arts and Sciences offers Study Abroad & Travel Funding for undergraduate arts and sciences majors who are currently enrolled on the Columbus campus. Recipients of STEP grants have the option of applying their financial award toward a study abroad program.

Getting Support

When you return from studying abroad, you’ll want to determine how to effectively market your international experience to prospective employers. Arts and Sciences Career Success can assist you with determining how the experience contributed to your skill set. Get guidance on how to incorporate the experience into your job search documents and interview responses. Some aspects of your time abroad will strike you as obvious good additions for your resume (maybe you got to practice a foreign language skill). The staff can assist you with determining how to best communicate the other ways in which you benefited from the experience. 

Featured education abroad programs

  • Doonagore Castle

    Ireland: Places, Spaces and Earth Works

    This course instroduces students to Irish history and culture from Neolithic to contemporary times. Along with studies at University College Dublin, students will visit various historic heritage sites to understand the myth-laden island's full range of magical experiences and heartbreaking stories of oppression, famine, survival, perseverance and ultimately hope.

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  • Students in Zambia

    Zambia Culture and Society

    This program introduces students to diverse aspects of Southern African societies and cultures including literature, arts and music, folklore, geography, architecture and the economy. It will also enable students to explore and critically examine the predominant cultural, historical, social, economic and political themes of the Southern African region.

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  • South of France restaurant

    Immersive Linguistics: The South of France

    This program introduces students to the language and culture of Aix-en-Provence, a multicultural city in the south of France. Students will combine classroom instruction with homestay experiences, cultural visits and community engagement projects to develop an understanding of other languages and cultures and reflect critically on their own native language and culture. 

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  • Student field work

    Tropical Field Ecology in Panama

    This education abroad gives students first-hand knowledge of tropical ecology and evolution within the context of Panama, a country famous for its high biological, cultural and economic diversity. The course includes travel to several distinct tropical forest habitats, guided natural history exploration, visits to local indigenous tribes and independent field experimentation. Students can expect to spend a major part of each day in the natural tropical environment.

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  • Students in Shanghai

    Changes in Urban China: Shanghai

    Explore Shanghai to discover how this megalopolis is constantly transforming. Students will gain insight and comparative perspective through classes at Shanghai's East China Normal University and by visiting major historical, architectural, museum, shopping, and urban planning venues in and around Shanghai.

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  • The Descent

    The British Horror Film in London

    This program explores British horror film tradition by examining film texts and history through a feminist lens, interrogating the intersections of gender, race, class, sexuality and physical ability. Horror is an especially rich genre for feminist study because of its focus on bodies and bodily difference, enabling these films to explore themes of sexuality, race, disability and reproduction.

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  • President Salvador Allende meeting Mapuches women

    Global "Hotspots" of the Early Modern World: Argentina

    This program highlights one of the "Global Hotspots" of the early modern world, Buenos Aires, which served as a center of economic exchange, imperial expansion and culture influence that shaped the emerging modern world. Participants will learn how indigenous groups shaped colonial society, how global forces pushed Argentina toward revolution and how race, class and immigration affected politics and nation-building, past and present.

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  • EU Flag

    Geography of the European Union

    This unique program allows participants to study the complexities of the European Union. Cyprus, is the easternmost member of the European Union and the Eurozone, and as a large Mediterranean island it occupies a strategic location at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa. Because of its location, Cyprus has a rich history that extends over 11,000 years that bears the imprints of the many powers that dominated the eastern Mediterranean over the millennia.

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  • Brazil students

    Global May Brazil

    This program introduces students to Brazilian history, culture, society and contemporary issues. Through coursework and experiential learning, students will gain a unique perspective of this emerging world power. Several field trips will introduce students to the history and culture of two Brazilian regions and the natural environment. Students will also have opportunities to collaborate and interact with Brazilian university students to foster cross-cultural dialogue and engage in activities and service projects.

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  • The Beatles

    British Invasion: The Impact of British Popular Music in the 1960s

    This program introduces students to the popular music of the U.K., particularly from England. It explores the meaning and impact of the 1960s as reflected in the music of that era. Specific attention will be given to the international exchange of musical influences between the U.S. and the U.K. in the historic period beginning with the assassination of JFK and ending with Woodstock, including artists such as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Who, the Kinks, the Yardbirds and Cream.

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Student Experiences

Education abroad can have a profoundly transformative impacts. Here are some examples of how studying abroad benefited students at Ohio State.

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