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Undergraduate Student e-Newsletter

Stay informed and get involved in your college!

The first week of every month undergraduate students majoring in the arts and sciences receive an e-newsletter designed specifically for them. Topics include Arts and Sciences majors, new program offerings, academic opportunities that take place outside the classroom (research, study abroad, internships and service learning), arts and sciences student organizations, academic and need-based scholarships, scholarships and grants to support research and education abroad, opportunities to meet with college faculty, student events, resources and much more.

Be sure to check your email for the next issue.

Publication Schedule

The College of Arts and Sciences undergraduate e-newsletter is designed to inform undergraduate students and to encourage their engagement in college programs and opportunities. The newsletter focuses on content appropriate to a broad spectrum of majors within the college. In particular, this includes academic offerings, new majors and minors, arts and sciences student organizations, college scholarships and grants, resources, programs, and opportunities for research, study abroad, internships, and service learning.

The newsletter is published monthly during autumn and spring semesters. It is emailed to all Columbus campus students with a major in the arts and sciences (approximately 17,500 students). It is also emailed to over 250 faculty and staff members including college advisors, undergraduate coordinators, departmental staff who support undergraduates, and university partners. An archive of past issues may be found on the e-Newsletter Archives located above.


  • For the publication date of August 16, content deadline is August 9
  • For the publication date of September 5, content deadline is August 29
  • For the publication date of October 3, content deadline is September 26
  • For the publication date of November 1, content deadline is October 25
  • For the publication date of December 2, content deadline is November 18
  • For the publication date of January 7, content deadline is December 31
  • For the publication date of February 3, content deadline is January 27
  • For the publication date of March 3, content deadline is February 24
  • For the publication date of April 3, content deadline is March 27

Send content suggestions to:
Ann Rottersman, Director of Student Programs
College of Arts and Sciences