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Student Engagement


There are several ways for companies to engage with undergraduate and graduate students. Companies generally merge student engagement strategies with brand awareness activities to target specific student groups and academic programs. To spark some ideas, a general list of potential areas of engagement are as follows: 

Student Organizations 

Companies seeking engagement with student organizations are encouraged to utilize a tool maintained by the Office of Student Life that is a searchable list of all registered student organizations on campus. 

Some examples of student organizations in the College of Arts and Sciences are the Arts and Sciences Student Council and Buckeye Biotechnology Association, as well as departmental student organizations such as Chemistry and BiochemistryCommunicationData Analytics and StatisticsEconomicsEnglishGermanHistoryMolecular GeneticsPolitical Science and Psychology

Need more information? 

Our office publicizes opportunities regularly through the monthly email sent to our industry partners, and our staff is available to discuss strategies to engage with students in your strategic areas of interest. If you do not receive these regular communications and desire to be on the distribution list or need to discuss strategies to reach your target audience, please contact Cheryl Yeack at Yeack.1@osu.edu.