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Office of Engagement

Office of Engagement


Engagement means building trust, enhancing shared belonging, enabling agency, developing capacity, and amplifying dignity. 

We believe more is always possible and we strive to build it together. 

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Our Key Commitments

We understand that sustainability requires equity. Relationships that are not mutually nourishing do not last. We build engagement structures that benefit everyone involved.

We know that non-homogenous teams are more innovative and solve complex problems better and faster than homogenous ones. Diversity is excellence and our engagement teams are diverse.

We know that people and communities have more than a single identity. Our teams understand that community identities are multiple and impact on another in unique and important ways.

We understand that in addition being a great character trait, humility is also an important method for surfacing knowledge in groups. Our engagements center humility. 

We know that our complex interconnection means that we cannot just think about individuals, or communities, or institutions, or ecosystems. Responsible citizenship requires that we consider the impacts of our decisions and actions at all of these levels.