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Nourishing an Arts Ecosystem in Columbus and Beyond

"To cultivate a robust and innovative arts ecosystem that nourishes and develops the young artistic talent in Ohio."

This is the basic opportunity the Nourishing an Arts Ecosystem Signature Arts and Sciences Engagement Project seeks to leverage. The College of Arts and Sciences is making a bold investment in cultivating a vibrant and sustained community of arts support that goes beyond the traditional 'pipeline' mindset to create an innovative 'K to BA' network of learning, intercommunal engagement, and organizational collaboration supporting young artists and preparing them for successful careers that integrate art-making and art-thinking.

At the heart of this ecosystem are three arts-focused Columbus City Schools and the arts programs at eight other CCS schools. Cohorts of art-making students will be identified in late-elementary and early middle school to participate in a 'stackable' certificate program that supports family engagement, college preparation, career advising, financial savings, and arts skills development.  

This program stands out from traditional 'pipeline' programs because it focuses on building a network of sustained relationships of mutual support among multiple partners including Columbus City Schools, Ohio State partnering units, corporate partners, donors, community non-profit arts organizations, and for-profit arts organizations.  

May 22nd, 2024, 6:00-8:00pm – Mark your Calendars because we are hosting an Arts Exhibition at AIMS Middle School

Join the fun and wonderful exhibition of all things art! Featuring visual and performing arts created by students and family members from Duxesberry Elementary School, AIMS Middle School, Ft. Hayes High School and Career Center, Ohio State University faculty and students, Franklin Park Conservatory, and various Columbus community artists! Food trucks, music, interactive art-making experiences and more await and will be featured throughout and around the Arts Integrated Middle School campus. Admission is free and all are welcome!!

Past Events

December 16th, 2023 – Matchmaking Event 

We heard you. We heard our shared longing for connection and that we have abundant resources to share and needs to be met in our Arts Ecosystem. The first event was our Arts Ecosystem MatchMaking event on December 16th. We gathered at the STEAM Factory where people with needs connected to people who can meet those needs for our ecosystem's mutual amplification.

July 8th, 2023 – Prototyping Session

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