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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer to your question below, please contact Michael Waite, Assistant Director for Undergraduate Recruitment, at waite.20@osu.edu or 614-292-8097.


With over 80 majors and 100 minors, we make it easy for our students to combine interests across disciplines. You can mix and match majors and minors from actuarial science to zoology and everything in between to discover your path and develop an academic program that’s the best fit for you.

If you’re still not sure that we offer what you’re looking for, visit the Undergraduate Admissions Majors and Academics page for the full list of academic programs Ohio State offers.

No problem! We encourage our students to explore every academic avenue that Ohio State offers.

Visit the Undergraduate Admissions Majors and Academics page for the full list of academic programs that Ohio State offers, and then contact the specific department you’re interested in for more information about double majoring.

The College of Arts and Sciences has an Honors Program that features an enhanced curriculum, including honors courses, upper-division courses to meet general requirements, rigorous sequences, honors seminars, a minor, and a strong major, including a significant research experience.

In addition, Arts and Sciences students can also participate in The Ohio State Scholars Program, which is comprised of 17 unique living and learning communities designed to provide students the chance to live and learn with others who share similar interests and to also complement students’ academic experiences.

For additional information on these programs, please visit the Honors & Scholars page on our website.

Students may apply to the Honors Program either before or after enrolling at Ohio State, although its encouraged to apply early in the enrollment process.

Students interested in the Scholars Program must apply at the time they’re filling out the Common Application for admission to Ohio State.

A learning community is a group of students who live together on a residence hall floor with common major, career and/or personal interests. Each community is unique in the goals and events it offers, but all have a direct connection to the classroom experience, intentional events and opportunities for participants, and dedicated staff members to ensure the success of the students within the community.

Students can apply to join learning communities through the Office of Student Life. Some learning communities you may be interested in include Visual & Performing Arts, Exploration, Future Health Professionals, Morrill Scholars Program and more.

Ohio State has a retention rate of 94%, making it one of the best universities in the country when it comes to freshman retention. As a comparison, the average nationwide retention rate is 72% and the average retention rate among colleges and universities in Ohio is 69%.


Depending on your field and personal interests, you can either develop your own independent research project or join an existing research project culminating in a written or oral presentation, performance or display, publication and/or research thesis as a means of making the academic or creative work accessible to others in the field and the general public.

Once you’ve defined a possible research area or topic of interest, identified faculty who work in that area of interest and contacted faculty to request research mentorship, you’re ready to begin your research experience.

The Office of Undergraduate Research & Creative Inquiry is a great resource to help you get things started.

There are several different types of funding available for undergraduate research, including scholarships, grants, funds and awards.

Students are encouraged to contact their major department(s) and the Office of Undergraduate Research & Creative Inquiry for more information as they become interested in research opportunities.

Students get involved in undergraduate research at the beginning of a semester, mid-way through a semester and even during the summer months.

Although it’s possible to get involved in undergraduate research at any point during the year, the time period around graduation is the best time to contact potential faculty members with inquiries.

Beyond the Classroom

Arts and Sciences students have access to the Center for Career and Professional Success, where they’ll discover potential career paths and connect with alumni and professional recruiters.

Student programs include Career Communities, Career Connections, Coffee Chats, Mentorship Programs and so much more.

Over 70% of undergraduate students participate in internships at Ohio State.

Whether you intend to enter the job market upon graduation, or plan to apply to graduate school, internships give you the experience you need to differentiate yourself from other candidates.

The Center for Career and Professional Success offers resources and guides for Arts and Sciences students to use when they’re ready to begin an internship search.

The Office of International Affairs administers education abroad programming at Ohio State, allowing you to engage in cross-cultural interactions and enjoy a rewarding educational experience in another country — all at the same time.

While some education abroad programs require at least junior standing for participation, most programs can be arranged anytime, beginning during your freshman year.

With more than 100 education abroad programs in more than 40 countries, it can be hard to decide which program is right for you.

The Office of International Affairs offers ‘Getting Started Sessions’ during autumn and spring semesters that help you explore the basics of education abroad from selecting the right program, to financing your travels, to navigating the application process and more.

You do not need to be admitted to a study abroad program before applying for funding.

However, you do need to know which study abroad program you are interested in as that information will be requested as part of your scholarship application.

There are a wide range of scholarships and grants available through the Office of International Affairs in addition to federal student aid such as FAFSA that will allow you to make your plan to study abroad a reality.

The College of Arts and Sciences also has education abroad funding opportunities for students enrolled in arts and sciences programs.

With over 1,400 student organizations on campus, Ohio State provides a wide range of organizations and clubs for you to get involved with. Plus, the opportunity is available for you to create your own student organization, too!

Maybe you’re looking for short-term service projects to support a community during a semester break.

Or, maybe you have an idea for a service project and are looking for a local organization to partner with during the school year.

The Office of Service Learning combines the best of active learning and citizenship by connecting course content with service projects that help the community.

Visit the Office of Service Learning page for more information.

Student Support

There are many resources on campus to help you successfully transition to Ohio State.

Academic support offered by the Arts and Sciences includes one-on-one tutoring, workshops designed to help you develop more effective study skills, learning centers, writing assistance and advisors to help you select a balanced schedule.

Visit the Student Resources page for more information.

The Office of Student Life offers a range of services to support student wellness. Counseling and Consultation Service provides counseling, workshops and resources to help students address a range of life concerns. The Wilce Student Health Center provides services related to student health, and recreational sports offers equipment and classes at a number of locations across campus.

Visit the Student Resources page for more information.

Yes, each year the College of Arts and Sciences awards approximately 1 million dollars in scholarships to undergraduate students who a pursuing a major within the college and are currently enrolled on the Columbus campus.

Scholarship opportunities are competitive and include merit and need-based scholarships, scholarships that support research and creative inquiry and scholarships that support education abroad programs.

Visit the Scholarships & Grants page for more information.