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Title Departments Expert(s) Publication
Aug. 18, 2022: Relocating Literacy in Higher Education English, History Harvey Graff Academe Blog
Aug. 18, 2022: Editors have become so wayward that academic authors need a bill of rights English, History Harvey Graff Times Higher Education
Aug. 16, 2022: Somali-American candidates overcome hurdles in pursuit of Ohio Statehouse seats Languages, Literatures and Cultures Jibril Mohamed The Columbus Dispatch
Aug. 16, 2022: Polio Is Making a Comeback. Thanks, Anti-Vaxxers! History John Brooke New Haven Register
Aug. 15, 2022: Would student loan forgiveness impact the housing market? Economics Meta Brown RISMedia
Aug. 15, 2022: NEXT: The Future of Talent Design, History David Staley Columbus Underground
Aug. 15, 2022: Franklin County jail phasing out in-person visits Sociology Paul Bellair WOSU
Aug. 14, 2022: Your Body– A Temple of the Holy Spirit, or a Garbage Dump? Sociology Hui Zheng Patheos
Aug. 14, 2022: Waubonsie Valley High School working to change its imagery to better represent Potawatomi culture Comparative Studies John Low MSN
Aug. 11, 2022: Women don’t wear bikinis to battle, and other things the gaming industry is learning Communication Teresa Lynch Marketplace
Aug. 9, 2022: Harvey J. Graff, "The Literacy Myth: Cultural Integration and Social Structure in the Nineteenth Century" English, History Harvey Graff New Books Network
Aug. 7, 2022: Recreating universities for the 21st century without repeating the errors and myths of the 20th century English, History Harvey Graff Columbus Free Press
Aug. 6, 2022: Marion leaders to ride together to beat cancer in Ohio State's Pelotonia Mathematics John Maharry Marion Star
Aug. 5, 2022: These Are the Biggest Economic Risks Ahead Economics Trevon Logan Bloomberg
Aug. 4, 2022: An easier and safer way to synthesize medicines Chemistry and Biochemistry David Nagib Ohio State News
Aug. 4, 2022: How Young People Have Changed English, History Harvey Graff Inside Higher Ed
Aug. 3, 2022: Reckless On The Road: What can be done to make Columbus streets safer? Center for Urban and Regional Analysis, Geography Harvey Miller ABC6
Aug. 3, 2022: Judge to decide whether Ohio State Marion faculty can form first faculty union Art Scot Kaplan Marion Star
Aug. 2, 2022: 'Eyebrow-raising' proposed charter changes could chuck objectivity in city hiring Political Science Vladimir Kogan The Columbus Dispatch
July 31, 2022: ‘Filling the void of the virosphere’ Microbiology Matthew Sullivan ASBMB Today
July 31, 2022: Early America’s complicated history with abortion access English Molly Farrell PBS
July 29, 2022: Ohio bill could lower unemployment income requirement Economics Bruce Weinberg NBC4
July 29, 2022: How big agriculture is taking over our diets History Bart Elmore DW News
July 28, 2022: It's not easy being green History Jennifer Eaglin The Right News
July, 27 2022: 26 Planned Parenthoods Art Jared Thorne Artforum
July 27, 2022: Sports help kids develop important trait linked to adult success Sociology Chris Knoester Ohio State News
July 26, 2022: Central Ohioans bidding on luck as possible recession looms Economics Bruce Weinberg FOX28
July 26, 2022: Searching for Literacy: The Social and Intellectual Origins of Literacy Studies English, History Harvey Graff Palgrave Macmillan
July 26, 2022: The best scholarship is political but with no ideological stamp English, History Harvey Graff Times Higher Education
July 24, 2022: The rights to read and write and to organize: Local roots of democracy and our historical moment English, History Harvey Graff Columbus Free Press
July 22, 2022: 5 ways climate change will cost Ohio taxpayers plenty Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center Jason Cervenec The Columbus Dispatch
July 21, 2022: How vaccine-related fears affect the flu shot experience Psychology Jennifer Kowalsky Ohio State News
July 20, 2022: NEXT: The Politics of the Future Design, History David Staley Columbus Underground
July 20, 2022: Chemists create artificial protein that peers into Earth’s chemical past Chemistry and Biochemistry Hannah Shafaat Ohio State News
July 19, 2022: Does Tim Ryan have path to victory in U.S. Senate race against Trump-backed J.D. Vance? Political Science Paul Beck NBC4
July 19, 2022: Tech Tuesday: First images from the James Webb Space Telescope Astronomy Scott Gaudi WOSU
July 19, 2022: Arctic shrub expansion limited by seed dispersal and wildfire Earth Sciences Yanlan Liu Ohio State News
July 14, 2022: Understanding why people reject science could lead to solutions for rebuilding trust Psychology Richard Petty The Conversation
July 14, 2022: Reproductive rights could be key topic in elections after 10 year old abortion case, Roe Political Science Paul Beck ABC6
July 12, 2022: Sales tax hike for Ohio rapid public transit dropped from November ballot Center for Urban and Regional Analysis, Geography Harvey Miller NBC4
July 12, 2022: Mistakes and Rethinking Behavioral Economics Economics John Rehbeck Caltech
July 12, 2022: Columbus recorded highest number of 90-degree days in June in more than 20 years Earth Sciences, Geography Bryan Mark The Columbus Dispatch
July 12, 2022: The 4 bases of anti-science beliefs – and what to do about them Psychology Richard Petty Ohio State News
July 10, 2022: A better way to teach young kids about slavery in America's history English Jessica Johnson Athens Banner-Herald
July 8, 2022: Schools get creative in summer, aim to stop learning loss as COVID recovery continues Political Science Vladimir Kogan Dayton Daily News
July 8, 2022: Why LGBTQ adults keep ties with parents who reject them Sociology Rin Reczek, Emma Bosley-Smith Ohio State News
July 5, 2022: Theodore Decker: In today's political division, Civil War historians see cause for concern History Joan Cashin The Columbus Dispatch
July 4, 2022: Jan. 6 hearings, abortion fallout cast long shadow over Trump's comeback hopes Political Science Paul Beck National Review
June 1, 2022: 'A more defined hate.’ Pranav Jani on being ‘exotic’| 'Then What Happened' podcast African American and African Studies, English Pranav Jani The Columbus Dispatch