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Prospective and active researchers

There are many resources to find undergraduate opportunities. We have compiled some useful information and links all in one place to help guide you through your research journey. 

Explore research opportunities

The Undergraduate Student Research Placement Tool (USRPT) allows you to submit a single application and be considered for multiple research positions across the College Arts and Sciences and College of Engineering. You will have the opportunity to indicate your top research positions in the application.

How to apply

Follow the steps below to submit your application for a research position. Use the links below based upon the semester you want the position to start. It is recommended that you have your resume as well as your research and personal statements (described below) written BEFORE starting the application.

  1. Review open research positions for the term in which you want to apply. Identify several positions that you may wish to indicate as a preference on your application.
  2. Complete the online application, which includes:
    1. Research statement (max 1000 characters). Describe your research interests. Be careful not to define them too narrowly.
    2. Personal statement (max 1000 characters): What is your motivation for research? Share your intended career path, goals and how summer research will help you achieve those goals.
    3. Resume (1-page pdf)
  3. Reach out to faculty directly to express your interest in their research and keep an eye out for emails from faculty regarding their responses to your application!

Review open positions

Submit application

Important dates


  • Student application opens: June 1
  • Last date for faculty to post a position: November 30
  • Student application closes: December 31


  • Student application opens: February 1
  • Last date for faculty to post a position: April 30
  • Student application closes: May 15

The university offers a list of open undergraduate research opportunities. Please also be aware that these are not the only available opportunities for undergraduates to get involved in research.

View postings

Some undergraduate research opportunities are posted on Handshake, a career-networking platform for Ohio State students and recent graduates.


The ASC Honors advisors have created a database to centrally house opportunities (like internships, work, research, etc.) as well as interesting electives you can take. These opportunities are not limited to honors students! All students have access to use this database.

View Database

Start with who you know! Your current and recent course instructors can be a great resource when it comes to scientific opportunities on campus. If you have connected with a faculty member, don’t be shy to stay after class or visit office hours to express your interest. Even if your instructor is not currently doing research or not looking for help, they might have a colleague right down the hall in need of research assistants.

Earn academic credit for your research

The first step is to consult with your Principal Investigator (PI) to make sure it is okay to be receiving academic credit for your experience. (Some PI’s funding sources have strict rules about how students are compensated for their time.) The next step is to work with your academic advisor to enroll in 4998(H) credit.

  • If your PI is through Ohio State, they may already have a research course set up. Email your academic advisor or sallade.3@osu.edu to check! If your PI has their own section, all we need is their permission to add you to the course (and for them to confirm how many credits you should be enrolled in). You can send a signed Course Enrollment Permission Form to your academic advisor or sallade.3@osu.edu to get enrolled.
  • If your PI is through Ohio State but does not already have a 4998(H) section, they can either set one up through Faculty Center/Workday, or you may be eligible to be enrolled in an umbrella section of 4998(H). Email your academic advisor or sallade.3@osu.edu for more information.
  • If your PI is outside of Ohio State, you maybe be eligible to enroll in a relevant 4998(H) umbrella section. Email your academic advisor or sallade.3@osu.edu to discuss what option is best for you.

Keep in mind that 4998(H) hours apply to general undergraduate research hours. If you are interested in earning 4999(H) hours through an undergraduate thesis, you can learn more on the thesis webpage.

Feeling overwhelmed with the search process or have questions about undergraduate research? Help is available!

Besides chatting with your departmental advisor and consulting your major’s website, individual consultation appointments are also available. Schedule an appointment by emailing sallade.3@osu.edu (general questions, Honors Research Distinction) or quinn.142@osu.edu (general questions, arts majors, Research Distinction) for an individual consultation.