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With more than 80 majors and 100 minors, the College of Arts and Sciences is the academic heart of the university. The Arts and Sciences provides extraordinary opportunities to collaborate across disciplines, blending creativity and analysis to truly be at the forefront of thought. The breadth and depth of knowledge in the college gives students and researchers the critical thinking and adaptability essential for a lifetime of success. 

Featured programs

Medical anthropology is a subfield of anthropology that draws on biological and sociocultural anthropology to understand human health and well-being. What makes medical anthropology unique is that it considers how human evolutionary history combines with people’s current cultural, economic and political context to shape their health. Medical anthropologists work in universities, hospitals and clinics, in public health and for national and international health agencies, as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs) focused on health.


The Data analytics major is one of the first of its kind for a major research institution in the nation. Data analytics applies fundamental scientific principles to analyze large, complex data sets. This rapidly growing field needs practitioners with expertise that cuts across core disciplines of computer science, mathematics and statistics, and highly developed critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills. It is a uniquely interdisciplinary major with academic partnerships rarely found in other majors. The major is co-directed by the Department of Statistics and the College of Engineering's Department of Computer Science and Engineering.


Students in the moving-image production major study the increasingly interdisciplinary professional field of moving-image production and develop a deep understanding of film production in the areas of animation, documentary, experimental and narrative cinema. The program emphasizes specialized studio practice, the development of critical storytelling skills and proficiency in visual literacy.


The arts management major allows students to study the issues, problems and policy interventions impacting contemporary arts and cultural industries, develop business and managerial skills for professional decision-making in arts and cultural organizations and practice creative and critical thinking, opportunity recognition and entrepreneurship in arts and cultural environments. Students will understand the professional role and responsibilities of successful creative individuals in contemporary society. The Department of Arts Administration, Education and Policy faculty are leaders in the arts, arts policy and administration and their alumni work all over the world in arts-related careers.


A global network

As an alumnus of the College of Arts and Sciences, you're a member of an extraordinary network of creators, performers, scientists, artists and thinkers who are consistently enacting positive change in the world around them.

A political science, women's, gender and sexuality studies and international relations triple-major whose work in the intersection of human rights and tech is bettering BIPOC communities. A geography alumnus who is navigating an Ohio county through the COVID-19 crisis. A social and behavioral sciences major's commitment to open opportunities for underrepresented populations as the city Chicago's first chief diversity officer.

Alumni: what's your story?

Let us know what you're doing and how the Arts and Sciences helped get you there. Get involved with our community to encourage and uplift the next generation of Buckeyes.