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Thesis information

If you are planning to enroll in 4999 and graduate with research distinction:

Submit thesis application for Research Distinction

If you are an honors student1:

Submit thesis application for Honors Research Distinction

If you are an Arts Honors student2:

Submit thesis application for Arts Distinction

1If you are an ASC Honors student, you should select Honors Research Distinction.  The term “Honors” signifies that a student in the ASC Honors Program completed a thesis and does not indicate that an Honors thesis is at a different level than a standard thesis.

2If you are following the Arts Honors track, you should select from Research Distinction or Arts Distinction.  The term “Honors” will appear in the distinction.  

Feeling overwhelmed with the search process or have questions about undergraduate research? Help is available!

Besides chatting with your departmental advisor and consulting your major’s website, individual consultation appointments are also available. Schedule an appointment by emailing sallade.3@osu.edu (general questions, Honors Research Distinction) or quinn.142@osu.edu (general questions, arts majors, Research Distinction) for an individual consultation.