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Frequently Asked Questions

Short answer - no! It is strongly preferred that you take the Honors section of 4998H if receiving credit for research (if your department allows), and is required that you take the Honors section of 4999H if pursuing a thesis. Learn more about pursuing an Honors thesis. Questions can be directed to sallade.3@osu.edu.

The first step would be to talk to your PI for approval. Some grant funding is particular about undergraduate students receiving academic credit for research (especially if the opportunity is also paid), but this is a rare issue.

Many students pursue research with faculty outside of Ohio State (like at children’s hospitals, universities back home, etc.). Academic credit is possible as long as you find an approved faculty/staff member to house your 4998(H) hours. Please talk to your academic advisor for more information.

Please note if you are intending on pursuing a thesis project, your project advisor must be a faculty member at Ohio State.

Research/thesis contribute to your 121+ hours required for graduation. Whether or not these credits can be used for something else (like major electives) is up to your Advisor.

Feeling overwhelmed with the search process or have questions about undergraduate research? Help is available!

Besides chatting with your departmental advisor and consulting your major’s website, individual consultation appointments are also available. Schedule an appointment by emailing sallade.3@osu.edu (general questions, Honors Research Distinction) or quinn.142@osu.edu (general questions, arts majors, Research Distinction) for an individual consultation.