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Companies partner with Ohio State through internships and co-ops, job shadowing, speaking with classes or volunteering as a judge at the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum. However, there are also other options for industry support that offer significant branding opportunities. Some common examples are: 

  • Scarlet and Gray Advantage: Ohio State began a pilot of this program in autumn 2022 with the goal to empower students to graduate debt free. 

  • Support for Student Programs and Initiatives: There are many student programs and initiatives in the college that require or would benefit from financial support. This could include support for a student research opportunity, providing funds for travel expenses to attend a conference, or prizes for a poster competition.

  • Naming Spaces: Companies, organizations and individuals may name individual spaces in buildings or other designated areas across campus. For example, naming of a student lounge allows for students to regularly see the company’s name when using the space. 

  • Named Endowed Professorship: This is an investment that generates brand awareness through support of a faculty member. Your company name will be listed as the provider of the endowed chair on email signatures, syllabi, website listings, and anything written publicly about the faculty member. Endowments preserve gifts in perpetuity resulting in an exponential impact a professor has on hundreds of students a year, and thousands over a career.

For companies that are interested in an ideation session to identify branding opportunities that align with the company’s strategic vision, please contact Cheryl Yeack at yeack.1@osu.edu.  

Funds earmarked for research and testing projects are not considered gift funding. Gift funding for research activities eliminates the sponsor’s access to IP rights. Elizabeth Drotleff at drotleff.4@osu.edu can answer your questions about funding projects.