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Buckeye Pride

In celebration of LGBTQ Pride Month in June, the Center for Belonging and Social Change partners with colleges and departments across campus for a series of events, including marching together in the Columbus Pride March.

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Upcoming Events

June 1 - July 1, 2023
Urban Arts Space
July 3 - July 21, 2023
Hopkins Hall Gallery

Recent News

June 9, 2023
By Evan Drexler

Throughout her life, Alyssa Walsh has gone above and beyond to exhibit empathy and caring.

When Walsh was in high school in Rochester, New York,…

June 9, 2023
By Evan Drexler

The first song Raylee Smith ever knew the lyrics to was “Old Man” by Canadian rock artist Neil Young. Thanks to her father’s fandom, she describes herself as being raised on…

June 9, 2023

Meeting fellow students who share her interests, and the excitement associated with a newly awarded Monda Scholarship, helped first-year student Jezreel Otchere adjust to the experience of being…

June 9, 2023

Bart Elmore is a professor in the Department of History at Ohio State. His research focuses on global environmental history and the history of capitalism, often with a focus on the environment,…

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Assistant Director, Office of Undergraduate Recruitment
Molly Bickett
Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications
Michael Wells
BSC Procurement Specialist
Ryan King
Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences