Program for Advancing Scholarship and Service (PASS)

The Program for Advancing Scholarship and Service (PASS) is a selective first-year academic learning community for Arts and Sciences students who have a shared interest in the academic, cultural, career and community benefits of service and leadership development.

As a PASS scholar, you’ll learn the value of diversity, leadership and service to your undergraduate experience, its relevance to your academic success and its impact on your community and the world beyond.

You’ll also have the opportunity to take advantage of benefits including priority class scheduling, academic travel to cities such as Chicago, New York, London and Los Angeles, community building with peers before other students arrive on campus in the fall and health and wellness workshops designed to promote academic, personal and professional success.

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Keys for Success

Second- and third-year PASS scholars serve as positive role models, engaging with you in a supportive environment that assists you with academic achievement, co-curricular involvement and leadership.

Weekly meetings provide roundtable discussions, leadership development initiatives, health and wellness workshops and more — all designed to promote academic and personal success.

Participate in exclusive workshops, career development initiatives and internships to strategically link and translate your experiences, skills and knowledge to the graduate, professional and work world beyond Ohio State.

Engage with students, staff, faculty and others in a mutually supportive and challenging collaboration designed to encourage new friendships and mentoring relationships across campus.

Translate your academics, skills and knowledge to the larger community through several service learning opportunities offered each semester throughout the academic year.

Take an active role in the world around you by participating in exclusive training and leadership workshops and becoming an ambassador for the Office of Undergraduate Recruitment.

Students working together at a computer

“One of the great things about PASS is that you’re already in it before you get to campus. With the early arrival program, you get here before everyone else and you already establish that sense of community and make friends before starting your first year of college.” - Jordan

“With PASS, I was able to connect with multiple people that I wouldn’t have connected with otherwise. It’s great to meet new people, listen to each others’ experiences and share perspectives.” - Naeemah

“If you need somebody, or need a smaller group of people to fit in with, PASS is great for that. It’s a good way to get involved right when you start, and PASS helps you integrate into college and find opportunities to do the things you like.” - Isobel

If you like having a community of people who are like-minded, if you like involving yourself with community service and if you want to get your foot in the door with organizations on campus, PASS is a great stepping stone for that.” - Mary

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Financial Aid Opportunities

Students enrolled in PASS are eligible for the Rising Star Award, a one-time award totaling up to $500 that is used to support students successfully completing the end of their first year at Ohio State.