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Getting started with undergraduate research

Before you get started, it is important to reflect. What are you looking to get out of this experience? There are different types of research and labs, so the student experience can vary widely. Are you looking to help write a manuscript, code data, organize lab equipment, etc.? This is important to recognize going into the search. 

Learn how to get started with three steps from the university's Office of Academic Enrichment. Their resources will help you define a possible research area or topic of interest and identify/contact a potential faculty mentor.

Exploratory Coursework

Looking for a course to explore research techniques in a particular field? Check out courses designed to expose students to research and develop advanced skills within a chosen field.

Please note that being an individual studies course (like 3193 or 4193) does not automatically make a course research-based. Please consult the applicable department to make sure that the topics being offering during semester of enrollment are fitting to your needs. 

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Professional Development Resources

Reaching out to Faculty or labs directly can be tricky! Make sure your materials and interview skills are sharp with the following professional development practice opportunities.

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Take Your Professor to Lunch Program

Sharing lunch and an informal conversation is a great way to explore educational and research opportunities, to identify or confirm your career direction, as well as build an educational relationship — an important factor when requesting a future letter of reference.

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Feeling overwhelmed with the search process or have questions about undergraduate research? Help is available!

Besides chatting with your departmental advisor and consulting your major’s website, individual consultation appointments are also available. Schedule an appointment by emailing sallade.3@osu.edu (general questions, Honors Research Distinction) or quinn.142@osu.edu (general questions, arts majors, Research Distinction) for an individual consultation.