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Students singing at the 2021 Student Involvement Fair

There are over 1,400 student organizations at Ohio State, and over half of all students join a student organization. Students who choose to get involved gain leadership skills, earn better grades, grow friendships and make a big campus seem small. 

Many departments within the College of Arts and Sciences have their own student organizations, and some have honor societies as well. Check the lists below for specific organizations that may interest you.

Students can also connect with many of Ohio State's student organizations at the Student Involvement Fairs in August and January. Check out the Student Involvement Fairs webpage for the latest information.

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Arts and Sciences Student Council – Builds community among arts and sciences students, faculty and administration through meetings with administrators and faculty, service on college committees, an annual graduate and professional school fair, teaching awards, service, and social events.


American Choral Directors Association at Ohio State – To educate members and the community within the discipline of choral music.

Art and Technology Club – Engages members' academic and professional interests by discussing careers within entertainment industries such as animation, film, video games, comics, and digital art.

Central Ohio Flute Association – Promotes music within the arts community and provides professional and volunteer services.

Classical Saxophone Association – Culturally enriches the community through the musical arts by presenting free opportunities to listen to the classical saxophone in performance. Promotes the creation and performance of new music.

History of Art Undergraduate Society (HAUS) – Scholastic and social forum for students studying or interested in the history of art.

Jazz Club at Ohio State – Spreads awareness and appreciation for jazz music, history, and culture among non-musicians, furthers the careers of aspiring jazz musicians, and builds partnerships with other student organizations to promote mutual artistic goals through events.

Musicians' Collective – Enhances and enriches the creative songwriting efforts of students and provides a positive environment to share work.

National Association for Music Education Collegiate – Acquaints students with the music education profession and leaders in the profession through programs, demonstrations, discussions, workshops, and performances.

The New Music Collective – Engage in all aspects of the performance of a wide variety of Twentieth and Twenty-First Century music including the performance of selected works .

Off the Lake Productions – This student-run theatre organization produces multiple performances including a cabaret, a winter musical, a spring play, and night of one acts, as well as providing service outreach.

Undergraduate Music Council – Facilitates and enhances communication between music students and administrators, faculty, staff, and organizations through representation on School of Music committees and at meetings.


Comparative Studies Undergraduate Student Group – Provides affiliated undergraduates with intellectual, academic, professional, social and emotional support, facilitates exchange of information within the department, and makes recommendations to the department.

English Undergraduate Organization (EUGO) – Sponsors social and service activities as well as academic and professional development events.

Folklore Student Association – Connects across disciplines to enrich our community, facilitate discourse, and aid the professional development of folklorists and others doing scholarship in folklore, ethnography, performance, and cultural studies through workshops, lectures, discussions, and social events.

The Grove - An Undergraduate Creative Writing Community – Fosters a community of creative writers who provide feedback and support to one another.

History Club – An informal organization that brings students interested in history together for extracurricular activities.

Lord Denney's Players – English Department's theatre company founded to give those in any field of study an opportunity to engage in experiential learning and research in the plays of Shakespeare and his contemporaries.

Philosophy Club – Provides a forum for philosophical discussion to complement and enhance academic studies, providing intellectual support by forming connections with other undergraduates.

UnderLings – For undergraduates interested in linguistics including related events, speakers, panels, research and jobs.


Deaf-Hearing Club – brings together people of all ages and all levels of fluency in American Sign Language.

French Club (Le Cercle Français) – Learn about France, Francophone countries, and the French language.

German Club – Welcomes students at all levels of German as well as those interested in German culture, food, and people.

Italian Club – For students and faculty interested in Italian culture and traditions including conversation tables, movies, and dinners.

Kaffeestunde – Join others for snacks, warm beverages, and German language conversation.

Polish Club – Promotes and celebrates Polish culture.

Romanian Club – Open to any student interested in Romanian culture.

Russian Club – Hosts a number of events including speakers, film nights, food nights, and trips to important cultural locations.

Slavic Club – Brings awareness to a range of issues and topics in relation to Eastern Europe as a way to develop cultural integration, cultural awareness, and to foster an atmosphere of education and bonding.

Spanish and Portuguese Club – Promotes and practices the Spanish and Portuguese languages while also appreciating the associated culture.

Ukrainian Society – Provides an opportunity for students to express their Ukrainian heritage and increase awareness of Ukraine.

Life Sciences

American Society of Microbiology Students – Promotes closer scientific relationships among those interested in microbiology while supporting personal and career goals.

Molecular Genetics Club – Students majoring in the biological sciences or with an interest in genetics will meet with researchers, faculty, and professionals working in the field.

Optical Society (OSA) – The OSA student chapter offers professional networking, career development, and technical programming. OSA raises awareness of optics and photonics through participation in events at Ohio State and in the local community through youth education outreach activities. Meetings focus on current progress and trends in optical science.

Pre-Medicine Club – Offers support and encouragement to members and hosts events to help better prepare students for acceptance into post-graduate study.

Students for the Advancement of Microbiology – Promotes the advancement of members through personal and professional development.

Zoology Club – Connect with others who have a love for animals and learn about opportunities to volunteer with animal organizations throughout the community

Math and Physical Sciences

Actuarial Club – For students who are interested in pursuing a career as an actuary.

American Chemical Society – Opportunity to get involved with the ACS, learn how to use ACS resources, network, and learn about career opportunities.

Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) – Open to both female and male students offering speakers and opportunities to learn about navigating careers and career transitions in mathematics.

Astronomical Society – For anyone who finds astronomy interesting. They offer meetings with professional astronomers who talk about their research, star parties, and visits to observatories.

Big Data and Analytics Association – Encourages students to think analytically and empower them through hands-on training, and connections to potential employers.

Chemistry and Biochemistry Club – Interact with faculty, discuss careers and research areas with scientists and participate in service activities.

National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE) – Committed to increasing the number of underrepresented people in fields related to science and engineering, and supporting the transition to the job market or higher education programs after graduation.

Polaris Mentoring Program – Dedicated to fostering a more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible undergraduate physics experience focusing on retention of underrepresented and non-traditional groups in the BS program by providing professional and academic mentorship.

Radical Pi Math Club – Meet other mathematically inclined students and attend lectures about topics not typically covered by undergraduate coursework.

Society of Physics Students – Promotes the development of physics students through interactions with fellow students, faculty, and visiting physicists.

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) – SIAM supports the interest, research, graduate study and overall understanding of mathematics in "real-world situations."

Society for Women in Physics – Creates a space for women in the physics community to support each other, to address relevant issues, and reach out to others.

Women In Math and Science Club – Supports women in math and encourages middle-school aged children to pursue math/science.

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Alexander Hamilton Society – Promotes debate and intellectual thought on national security, economics, and other pressing world issues.

Anthropology Club – Discuss current events in anthropology and explore academic opportunities.

Black Advertising and Strategic Communication Association (BASCA) – Organization partners with faculty and professionals to develop and prepare Black students for careers in advertising, public relations, and marketing.

Collegiate Council on World Affairs – Focuses on developing a clear understanding of international politics and diplomacy, participates in conferences and Model United Nations, and publishes an opinion magazine.

Geography Club – Open to all undergraduates regardless of major and designed to connect students to influential faculty, guest speakers, and unique opportunities not found in the classroom.

Meteorology Club – Learn about fields in meteorology and work on projects including an annual Severe Weather Symposium.

Mock Trial – Grow critical thinking and public speaking skills by participating in competitions replicating a trial setting.

National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) – Professional organization and advocacy group that seeks to support the experiences and advancement of journalists of color and media professionals. Also appropriate for those who have an interest in telling the stories of marginalized communities.

National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (OSU Chapter) – Supports promotion and advocacy of the highest quality preparation of professionals in Audiology, Speech-:Language Pathology, and other related fields.

Positive Psychology Club – The Club’s goal is to get to the root of your happiness through mindfulness activities.

PRactice – Student run public relations firm designed to create a professional environment for students to learn skills pertaining to the industry.

Psychology Club – Open to all students with an interest in psychology. Serves as a forum for intellectual exchange, provides opportunities for social interaction with peers, and is a source of information regarding psychology.

Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) – For students interested in public relations, event planning, media relations, communications, public affairs, advertising, marketing, or online communications.

Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) – Provides a forum for intellectual exchange about issues related to journalism and mass communication.

Student Academy of Audiology – Serves to advance the rights, interests, and welfare of students pursuing careers in audiology.

Undergraduate Economics Society – Discuss current economic issues, educate members about topics, and raise awareness about the field.

Women in Economics – Seeks to empower women by increasing their representation at all levels in the economics field, while fostering connections through speakers, discussion, outreach events, service, education and leadership.

Alpha Kappa Delta (Sociology)

Alpha Psi Omega (Theater)

Dobro Slovo (Slavic)

Helix Tri-Beta (Biological Sciences)

Iota Iota Iota (Triota) (Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies)

Kappa Kappa Psi (Band Fraternity)

Kappa Tau Alpha (Journalism and Mass Communication)

Nu Rho Psi (Neuroscience)

Phi Alpha Theta (History)

Phi Beta Kappa (Arts and Sciences)

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia (Music)

Phi Sigma Iota (Foreign Language)

Psi Chi (Psychology)

Sigma Alpha Iota (Women's Music Fraternity)

Sigma Pi Sigma (Physics)

Sigma Tau Delta (English)

Tau Beta Sigma (Band Sorority)

Class honoraries recognize students for their scholarship, leadership, and service. The honoraries also provide an opportunity to make new friends while getting more involved on campus and in the Columbus community.  Learn about the unique aspects of the groups and apply to the one that is most appropriate.

Sophomore Class


The Mirrors Sophomore Class Honorary is a sophomore honorary based on the high standards of scholarship, leadership, and service. We express a belief in individual responsibility, group leadership, and university service that leads us to work for the betterment of ourselves and our Ohio State Community. The Mirrors Sophomore Class Honorary hosts a benefit dance annually to help benefit the James Cancer Hospital along with many other service opportunities throughout the year.


Romophos is a sophomore class honorary whose objective is the betterment of its members, and of the entire campus community.

Junior Class

Bucket and Dipper

Bucket & Dipper is a junior class honorary rich with Ohio State tradition. The second oldest honorary on campus (and in our opinion, the coolest and most fun as well), B&D recognizes outstanding members of the junior class based on the three pillars of the honorary system: scholarship, leadership, and service. Originally an all male honorary, B&D is currently a group of thirty outstanding male and female undergraduates. The organization has a long history of giving back to Ohio State and developing some of the best student leaders on campus.


In the spring of 1918, two Ohio State University students, Harriet Day (Mrs. Harriet Bricker) and Helen Dustman (Mrs. Helen Evans), began developing the idea of an organization for women with resounding achievements in scholarship, leadership, and service. It was during one of the initial organizational meetings that the women heard the chimes of Orton Hall ringing in the distance, and the Chimes Junior Class Honorary was born.

Senior Class

Mortar Board

Mortar Board is a national honor society that recognizes college seniors for their achievements in scholarship, leadership, and service, provides opportunities for continued leadership development, promotes service to colleges and universities and encourages lifelong contributions to the global community.


SPHINX is a senior honorary and the oldest honorary on campus. Dating back to 1907, there have been over 100 years of links. SPHINX is one of Ohio State's oldest and most prestigious traditions.