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The College of Arts and Sciences is at the academic heart of the university. Our faculty collaborate with colleagues from every other college and on creative work that enriches our lives, challenges our assumptions, and helps us to imagine alternative futures. We teach almost every undergraduate that enters Ohio State and are home to roughly 20,000 students pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees. The reputation of our departments and programs, including several ranked in the top 20 nationally, contributes substantially to the overall reputation of the university. 

The college aspires to be a model of a twenty-first century public institution that serves the people of the state, the nation, and global communities with humility and a collaborative ethos. As such, we are building an infrastructure for outward and inward-facing engagement that outlines our ambitious goals, which include: an outreach presence in 75 percent of Ohio’s counties; experiential engagement internships for undergraduate students; and robust partnerships and recruitment pipelines with K-12 institutions across the State. 

The Arts and Sciences College Office of Engagement is driving these efforts by providing leadership to our departments, centers, and institutes, and by creating a suite of high impact, large-scale signature engagement projects.

Philanthropic support could make a difference in the lives of our students, faculty, and the communities we touch.

Arts Ecosystem

Provides financial support for the Arts Ecosystem program that supports youth creatives by developing initiatives that link Ohio State faculty, staff, students, and community partners. 

Your gifts will allow us to support the program in Columbus while also expanding to develop arts ecosystems in Cleveland, Cincinatti, and beyond.

Erase the Space Ohio

Funds used to connect students, teachers, and communities in collaborative, non-competitive writing exchanges over the course of a school year that provide authentic experiences with social difference and debate that mirror the problem-solving situations students encounter in life outside their classrooms.

Your gifts allow us to run the project which will impact 1,350 students across Ohio in the next three years.

Harvesting the Social Meanings of Brain Injury

Gifts support populations of people whose brain injury symptoms are often misnamed or overlooked due to cultural stigmas or stereotypes associated with them. Justice system-involved veterans, un-homed LGBTQ+ youth, and women survivors of domestic abuse each participate in story harvesting processes involving their care providers, clinicians, and family members. Additionally, funds support the convening of treatment planning sessions.

Funds will allow us to make this a longitudinal study across five years and impact an estimated 350 brain injury survivors.

Amplifying the Impact of Youth Language Brokers

Provides support for the development of training activities that support youth Language Brokers and builds a pool of certified interpreters while building capacity for local organizations supporting immigrant populations.

Funds will allow for the development of licensure programs, community partnership development, and graduate student support.

Office of Engagement General Fund - Fund 318160

Provides support for Office of Engagement projects and operations all of which are in direct alignment with the College of Arts and Sciences strategic plan, implementation plan, and mission of the Ohio State University.