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186 University Hall

Divisional Deans

Ryan King
Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences
186 University Hall
Susan Olesik
Dean of Natural and Mathematical Sciences
186 University Hall
Dana Renga
Dean of Arts and Humanities
186 University Hall

Associate Deans and Directors

Lisa Florman
Associate Dean of Interdisciplinary Studies and Community Engagement
Christopher Jaroniec
Associate Dean for Research and Creative Inquiry
Mike Kaylor
Director of Technology Services
400 Mendenhall Laboratory
Shams Khan
Chief Development and Alumni Relations Officer
Kim Kinsel
Chief Administrative Officer
186 University Hall
Korie Little Edwards
Interim Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Trevon Logan
Associate Dean
Andrew Martin
Associate Executive Dean for Undergraduate Education
Shantay Piazza
Sr. Director of Marketing and Communications
100 Journalism Building
Sergio Soave
Associate Dean for Space and Infrastructure
Shari Speer
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs

Assistant Deans

Lindsey Chamberlain
Assistant Dean of Academic Enrichment
Brian Guerrero
Assistant Dean of Career and Professional Success
Mary Ellen Jenkins
Assistant Executive Dean of Advising and Academic Services
Chinwe Okpalaoka
Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Recruitment
253 Journalism Building
Brian Orefice
Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies
Bernadette Vankeerbergen
Assistant Dean of Curriculum
306B Dulles Hall

Department Chairs and School Directors

Joni Acuff
Chair, Department of Arts Administration, Education and Policy
Adélékè Adéẹ̀kọ́
Interim Chair, Department of African American and African Studies
Charles Anderson
Chair, Department of Dance
Philip Armstrong
Chair, Department of Comparative Studies
Mark Bender
Chair, Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures
Angela Brintlinger
Chair, Department of Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures
Gregory Caldeira
Chair, Department of Political Science
Bryan Carstens
Chair, Department of Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology
Cynthia Clopper
Chair, Department of Linguistics
Robert Fox
Chair, Department of Speech and Hearing Science
Kurt Fredrick
Chair, Department of Microbiology
Kelly Garrett
Director, School of Communication
John Grinstead
Chair, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Sarah-Grace Heller
Chair, Department of French and Italian
Robert Holub
Chair, Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures
Michael Ibrahim
Director, School of Music
Jean-Francois Lafont
Chair, Department of Mathematics
Scott Levi
Chair, Department of History
Laura Lisbon
Chair, Department of Art
Morgan Liu
Chair, Department of Near Eastern and South Asian Languages and Cultures
Steven Lower
Director, School of Earth Sciences
Steven MacEachern
Chair, Department of Statistics
Scott McGraw
Chair, Department of Anthropology
Fabienne Munch
Chair, Department of Design
Darla Munroe
Chair, Department of Geography
James Peck
Chair, Department of Economics
Michael Poirier
Chair, Department of Physics
Richard Samuels
Chair, Department of Philosophy
Claudia Turro
Chair, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Harald Vaessin
Chair, Department of Molecular Genetics
Duane Wegener
Chair, Department of Psychology
E.J. Westlake
Chair, Department of Theatre, Film and Media Arts
Karl Whittington
Chair, Department of History of Art
Kristi Williams
Chair, Department of Sociology
Susan Williams
Chair, Department of English
Shannon Winnubst
Chair, Department of Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies


Angelett Anderson
Program Manager, PASS
253 Journalism Building
Janice Bailey
Finance Manager of Operations
Shawn Barrett
Budgeting Senior Analyst
Todd Bitters
Advising Manager
Alex Bixler
Advancement Communications Specialist
John Blust
Budgeting Senior Analyst
Hailey Booth
Fiscal Officer
Jessica Brown
Development Associate
Megan Brown
BSC Fiscal Associate, ASC Exec Deans / SBS
Toni Calbert
Faculty Affairs Specialist
Carolyn Chapman
Executive Director of Development
Nicole Cochran
Finance Director
Erica Conley
Fiscal Lead, BSC
Jasmin Crenshaw
BSC Fiscal Associate, Arts / BioSciences
Liana Crisan-Vandeborne
Resource Planning Analyst
Amber Diglaw
Senior Director of Development
Brenda Dinan
Advising Manager
Evan Drexler
Communications Manager
100 Journalism Building
Elizabeth Drotleff
Director, Industry Collaborations
Lauren Fanfer
Graphic Designer
100 Journalism Building
Jennifer Farmer
Advancement Communications Manager
Ronald Filippelli
Director, Facilities Management
Stephanie Ford
Director, Career Communities
Josh Friesen
Content and Editorial Specialist
Mark Fullerton
Interim Chair, Department of Classics
Matt Gmetro
Program Assistant, Graduation Services Office
Katherine Goliver
Senior Director of Development
Kristin Gonterman
Development Associate
Rick Harrison
Director of Development
Stacy Hathaway
HR Business Partner 3
Julie Johnson
Senior Marketing Strategist
100 Journalism Building
Madey Khurma
Engagement Officer
Molly Kime
Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications
100 Journalism Building
Liz Kooi
HR Consultant
Scott Kustis
Director, Industry Connections
Jade Lac
Engagement Officer
Peggy Link
HR Business Partner
Ginnetta Lucas
BSC Fiscal Associate, Humanities
Kelley Maynard
Manager, Business Services Center
Angela Mercer
BSC Procurement Specialist, Arts & Humanities / Astronomy / MBI / SBS / Microbiology / Molecular Genetics
Patrick Morgan
Program Coordinator, Graduation Services Office
Meghan Morris
Marketing and Communications Specialist
100 Journalism Building
Samantha Newsome
HR Business Partner 3
Tammy Parker
Senior Director of Development
Jared Port
Director of Research Services
Jennifer Prak
HR Business Partner
David Precise
Senior Director of Development
Samara Priesler
Senior Director of Development
Tanya Reed
Advancement Office Manager
Ann Rottersman
Director of Student Programs
143 Denney Hall
Rachel Schrock
Manager of Financial Operations
Angelina Schroeder
Procurement Lead, BSC
Rene Sheline
BSC Fiscal Associate, NMS
Courtney Shenk
Director of Development
Catie Shuman-Damanti
HR Consultant
Alex Stacklane
Engagement Officer
Rachel Steele
Curriculum and Assessment Program Manager
306A Dulles Hall
Jaynie Tatman
Director of Development
Tony Valle
Advising Manager
Elizabeth Vu
Director of Distance Education
Michael Waite
Assistant Director of Undergraduate Recruitment
253 Journalism Building
David Weinberg
Chair, Department of Astronomy
Michael Wells
BSC Procurement Specialist, Biochemistry / Chemistry / Earth Sciences / Center for Life Sciences Education / EEOB / Mathematics / Physics / Statistics
Brandy Williams
Program Manager, BOLD
253 Journalism Building
Megan Woodall
Sr. HR Consultant
Cheryl Yeack
Director, Industry Partnerships
Lauren Zacks
Donor Experience Officer