Moving-Image Production (BA)

Moving-Image Production (BA)


Students in the moving-image production major study the increasingly interdisciplinary professional field of moving-image production and develop a deep understanding of film production in the areas of animation, documentary, experimental and narrative cinema. The program emphasizes specialized studio practice, the development of critical storytelling skills and proficiency in visual literacy.

Why choose moving-image production?

  • Students in this major learn from internationally recognized and award-winning faculty whose films and videos have been shown at prestigious venues around the world.
  • Experience cutting-edge programs of contemporary and historical films at the Wexner Center for the Arts, a world-class museum and theater that regularly brings filmmakers and artists to campus.
  • Take advantage of the full range of equipment required for filmmaking that is provided as part of the program.

What can you do with this degree? 

By integrating theory and practice, the moving-image production program produces filmmakers with critical-thinking skills and independent voices who will bring new vision to the film industry, independent cinema and visual culture. Students can also pursue careers in archiving and preservation, arts administration, film programming, criticism, journalism and education.