The Arts at Ohio State

The arts awaken our imaginations, enrich our lives, and compel us to think in new ways. We are Ohio State’s College of Arts and Sciences, and a major part of our mission is to champion the arts and promote an atmosphere for our students and faculty that inspires creativity and excellence, while providing opportunities for them to share their many talents with communities on campus and beyond. Today, we are aggressively pushing ahead to promote and strengthen the arts on campus and intensifying new ties with leading arts organizations in our community, as well as forging new ties with national and international partners.

We are in the midst of a comprehensive plan to invigorate the arts on campus by making significant improvements to our arts facilities. The area of campus near 15th Avenue and High Street is our Arts District—and the front door to the university. The major renovations currently underway will celebrate our arts facilities by making them maximally functional for our students, as well as inviting and accessible to all audiences.

We are working collectively with leading arts organizations in Columbus to make the arts in our community as vibrant and successful as possible. We expect to announce agreements soon that will foster cooperation and promote the arts at the university and in the community. For example, we want to bring more students downtown to enjoy the Columbus arts scene, and bring professional artists to campus to interact with our students and faculty.

We are working to promote closer relationships and collaborations between the arts and the sciences on campus, and developing new ways to integrate the arts throughout this major research institution. We want the arts to be a significant part of every student’s experience while they are a Buckeye.

Some recent announcements include: