New Leadership

Staying in step: We are fortunate in the College of Arts and Sciences. We never have to worry about great leaders coming forward to help lead their areas. Our many departments, centers, and institutes remain strong because we know we can tap into an endless well of talent.

Humanities Institute

Paul Reitter, director
Associate Professor Reitter teaches German-Jewish Literature and Culture; German Modernism; Fin-de-siècle Vienna; Critical Theory; the Holocaust in German Literature and Film; Weimar Culture and Fascist Culture; and Literary Theory.

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Comparative Studies

Barry Shank, chair
Trained in the interdisciplinary field of American Studies, Professor Shank conducts research in the political agency of music, commercial popular culture, and cultural history. His courses provide undergraduate students with the opportunity to investigate the economic and social determinants that shape everyday life and popular pleasure while his graduate courses focus on the complex of theoretical and methodological tools that lay at the heart of interdisciplinary work.

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Germanic Languages and Literatures

Bernhard Fischer, interim chair
Professor Bernhard Fischer specializes in literature and thought from the 18th to the 20th century and contemporary German literature and culture; aesthetic theory; intellectual history; nationalism; AND transculturality. He teaches Religion and Enlightenment; Philosophy and Aesthetics of Nation; Aesthetic Theory; H. V. Kleist and German Idealism; Bourgeois Tragedy; The Last Decade of the GDR; Romanticism; Happiness and Meaning; and The Bureaucracy of Recognition: Kleist and Kafka.

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Near Eastern Languages and Literatures

Bruce Fudge, interim chair
Associate Professor Bruce Fudge specializes in Arabic studies. He teaches Arabic 375: The Arabian Nights (in English); Arabic 608 Advanced Arabic Grammar and Stylistics; Arabic 626: The Arabic Qur'an; Arabic 628: Classical Arabic Prose; Arabic 722: Studies in Arabic Prose. He has taught Readings from Alf layla wa-layla and The Arabic Detective: Classical and Modern Crime Narratives; Medieval and Renaissance Studies 241: The Golden Age of Islamic Civilization: Baghdad c.750-90.

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Center for Cognitive Sciences

Zhong-lin Lu, director
Professor Lu is considered an internationally-renowned scientist in the field of cognitive neuroscience. His research typically focuses on visual and attentional processes.  Lu’s work elegantly combines behavioral data, computational modeling, neurophysiological and neuromagnetic imaging assessments to describe the cognitive processes involved in sensory memory, visual motion perception, selective attention, perceptual learning, and visual deficits in dyslexia and amblyopia.

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Center for Urban & Regional Analysis

Morton O’Kelly, director
O’Kelly, professor of geography, is recognized nationally as a leading transportation geographer. He served as chair of the Department of Geography and was the original project leader for the Urban and Regional Analysis Initiative, which was charged with establishing CURA.

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David Blau, chair
Professor Blau is a labor and population economist with research interests in the economics of aging and in the economics of the family. He has extensive experience analyzing retirement behavior; including studies of the dynamics of retirement, joint retirement of married couples, the effect of health insurance on retirement, the effect of recent Social Security policy reforms on retirement, and the effects of pensions on saving and retirement.

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