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Arts & Humanities Undergraduate Research Small Grants Application Instructions

The Undergraduate Research Small Grants Program is designed to enhance opportunities for undergraduate students in the Arts & Humanities to conduct research and complete creative activities.

Submission Deadline(s)

  • Fall Deadline: Friday, Oct. 13, 2023
  • Spring Deadline: Friday, March 1, 2024

Please direct any questions to Ed Quinn (quinn.142@osu.edu).

Grants are restricted to currently enrolled undergraduate students majoring in a department/school in Arts & Humanities. Applications are considered from individual students or for group trips with a faculty member. Students are eligible for an Undergraduate Research Small Grant once a year. Thesis research is appropriate for this form of funding, though other sources of funding are considered in determining these awards.

Students may apply for grants to fund any of the following and should mark on the project endorsement form which category their request falls under:

  1. Travel to give conference presentations, perform, or exhibit work at significant professional meetings or events both here in the United States and abroad;
  2. Travel to research collections, exhibition & performance sites, or residency programs in the United States or abroad;
  3. Travel to study abroad programs related to a research/creative project;
  4. Expenses related to the purchase of necessary materials for research/creative activity.

Retroactive applications under this program will not be considered. All funding is contingent on availability. The completed application must be submitted by 5 p.m. on the posted deadline to be considered for that competition round; late applications will be reviewed in the following round. 

Applicants should fill in the form provided by the "Apply Now" link below. While completing the form, applicants must provide the name and email of their faculty advisor/sponsor. Once signed by the faculty advisor/sponsor, the form automatically submits to Ed Quinn (quinn.142@osu.edu).

  1. A letter of 1-2 pages in which the applicant describes the project, its purpose, significance, methodology, and its relevance to the field of study. In addition, applicants must describe how this experience will enhance their degree program and their development as an artist, performer, or scholar. In the case of travel requests, applicants will need to explain the relevance of the venue to the project and the field of study.
  2. A detailed budget. Applicants should indicate whether they have obtained matching funds or are currently applying for such funds. Please note that the cost of food (per diem) is not reimbursed under this program.
  3. In the case of a presentation or performance, provide a letter of invitation or other indication of acceptance from the sponsoring organization or institution.
  4. A faculty advisor’s signature on the application.

The proposal review process at the Arts & Humanities level will consist of an overall assessment of the merits of the proposed project (benefits to the student, how likely the student is to complete the task successfully, feasibility of the budget, etc.) as well as an assessment of the merits of the application itself (how well it explains the project and its benefits, the completeness of the application, readability, etc.).


You are not required to be enrolled in the Arts Honors Program to apply for the scholarship.

When you have gathered all required material, please apply using the link below: