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Devin Grammon, Andes & Amazonia Working Group

The Continuity and Change in the Andes and Amazonia Working Group draws on the research and teaching emphases of more than 35 faculty members and graduate students at OSU.  By providing an institutionalized forum for regular intellectual exchange, the group brings the strengths of interdisciplinary and comparative critical dialogue and inter departmental collaborations to bear on a discussion centered on enduring issues and transformations in Andean and Amazonian contexts including, among others, migration, environmental changes, urbanization, identity politics, the impact of neoliberal policies, micro-economic development, nation-state formations, food security, cultural identity and expression.

The theme of continuity and change allows the group to explore new directions in a region that encompasses nine countries representing extraordinary socio-cultural, linguistic, literary, economic, political, ethnic, historical, prehistoric, biological and environmental diversity. Interdisciplinary and interdepartmental collaborative work among faculty and graduate students will inform course and program development and promote critical discussion both among the campus community and broader Columbus community.

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