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Extinction | Imagination

"Extinction | Imagination" is an exhibition of work produced by the 2021-2022 recipients of the Global Arts and Humanities Discovery Theme (GAHDT) Graduate Research Grants, featuring work by Lydia Cornett (Art), Aaron Peters (Art), Brett Taylor (Art) and Mollie Wolf (Dance).  The year-long, multi- and interdisciplinary fellowship pushes awardees to speak across disciplines and boundaries. The GHADT Theme, "Extinction | Imagination," understands extinction as “a range of existential threats to ecosystems, species, populations, cultures, languages and lifeways” and “engages histories, present realities and future possibilities of extinction to create a space for conversations about loss and survival that can hold both mourning and world building.”  Each artist in this exhibition engages with the threat of extinction to speculate on human futures enabled by interspecies entanglements, queer time and crip theory. 

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