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Heron 1954-2002

HERON 1954 – 2002 is an active Grief Work that draws on the phenomena of makeshift memorials. These small gestures of mourning can take on a myriad of forms: small white crosses scattered along the roadside, a ghost bike near a busy intersection, scribbled condolences that rest on public sidewalks, or a utility pole adorned in a bouquet of plastic flowers, miniature mylar balloons, and a plush stuffed animal.

Drawing from the emergent discourse on public monuments and memorial building, HERON questions: who has the power and privilege of being remembered? And in what forms does this act of remembrance take place? Situated within public-space, HERON is a single-channel video and sound installation exhibited in the windows of the Lazarus building facing Town Street. This project was commissioned by the student-led The Task of the Curator group.

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