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Hold Your Ground

Benedict Scheuer (He/Him) & Geren Heurtin (She/Her) 

On view at  Hopkins Hall Gallery 

The landscape has been historically divvied, claimed, colonized, imparted with ownership that claims it as a commodity that must be held close, staunchly, with resolve. The landscape, though, is one that shifts, grows, and holds no promise of stability. As collaborators, the visual artists in this exhibition find this a fruitful metaphor to connect their practices—two ways of making that honor permeability, erosion, leakiness, and connection. Through their making, holding one’s ground takes on new meaning, suggesting that stability is found in accepting that all things change—memories, ecologies, and the land on which they stand. 

Image: Untitled #8 from series, Efface. 13”x 19” 2020 

Summer Series  is a multi-venue program that showcases short- and long-term projects such as gallery exhibitions, performances, audience participatory work, discussions, research demos and more. This series encourages collaboration, multidisciplinary approaches and seeks ideas that foster conversations, relationships, or careers, that represent diverse perspectives.