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Lectures in Musicology: Marian Wilson Kimber with Natalie Landowski, lecture recital

Guest artist/lecturers Marian Wilson Kimber and Natalie Landowski present "In a Woman’s Voice: Musical Readings by Women Composers, a lecture-recital." This lecture, funded by the College, is sponsored by The William A. Hammond Lecture on the American Tradition. The recitation of poetry or monologues, or “elocution”—often accompanied by music—was a common public entertainment in the United States during the Progressive era. Women’s clubs served as the primary audiences for “musical readings,” which expressed views of courtship, marriage, domestic life, children and aging. Women composed most of the music for these performances. This lecture-recital introduces the elocutionist’s art and features performances of music by Chicagoan Phyllis Fergus (1887-1964), Frieda Peycke (1884-1964) of Los Angeles, and others. For more information, click here.

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