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Una Flor De Memoria

On view at  Hopkins Hall Gallery 

This collaborative exhibition of works by Christian Casas and Armando Roman privileges imagination and speculative thought. Using history, archives, and photographs — the real and actual become abstracted through color, texture, and shape. Imagination is a privilege — not guaranteed or given to all. This is a newfound space for the both of us, wherein we work with the possible, not the actual. Through our work, we begin unpacking the complexity of our families' migration to the U.S. by way of Cuba and Mexico, respectively. We find joy in translating the events, moments, and feelings our families endured as an act of remembrance that cannot be erased. 

Proceeds from this show will go to Proyecto Mariposas, a Columbus-based non-profit organization that provides an environment of learning, sharing and support to Latina Girls and their mothers. 

Summer Series  is a multi-venue program that showcases short- and long-term projects such as gallery exhibitions, performances, audience participatory work, discussions, research demos and more. This series encourages collaboration, multidisciplinary approaches and seeks ideas that foster conversations, relationships, or careers, that represent diverse perspectives.