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Willfully Neglected

On view at Urban Arts Space

Willfully Neglected is a project collaboration between Christian Casas and Mona Gazala, in which the artists will explore parallel and divergent aspects of expulsion, migration and identity as expressed through text, archival material, and family histories.

The Toronto-based education advocate Dr. Behan Farhadi recently tweeted, “Racism is not just what is said or what is done, but also what is not said, what is disregarded, what is ignored and what is willfully neglected.”

Using this quote as a springboard, the artists will explore overlapping approaches to the way they use and think about the power of text and the gesture of archival work to combat erasure and other forms of violence through omission.

Summer Series is a multi-venue program that showcases short- and long-term projects such as gallery exhibitions, performances, audience participatory work, discussions, research demos and more. This series encourages collaboration, multidisciplinary approaches and seeks ideas that foster conversations, relationships, or careers, that represent diverse perspectives.