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Moving Image Production Major to be Offered in 2017

The College of Arts and Sciences will offer a new major in Moving Image Production (MIP) starting in autumn 2017. This interdisciplinary major will be administered by the Film Studies Program, with partners in the Departments of Theatre, Art and Design; the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD); and the Wexner Center for the Arts, according to Ryan Friedman, director of Film Studies.

“It will explore film production through studio courses in animation, experimental, documentary and narrative strategies,” he said. “Incoming students will take two pre-major courses their first year, and will undergo a portfolio review process before being admitted to the MIP major their second year. We expect to admit 30 to 35 students to the major each year.”

moving image production

Electives, a course called “Cinema Today” incorporating the Wexner Center for the Arts film programming, and a two-semester senior project round out the curriculum. Each student will also be required to complete the minor in film studies.

“Students have said they really wanted to be able to major in film production, and as a university of this size, it’s important that we offer it,” said Janet Parrott, chair of the Department of Theatre. “It will be a hands-on program, where students learn all aspects of filmmaking and find their voice as independent image makers.

“The program will broaden their awareness of what moving image can do, so they can make informed choices about their art form,” she added.

Eventually physical resources will include studio space, a screening room and post-production lab space located in the proposed Arts District.

Why is film so enticing? “There’s something magical about moving images,” said Vera Brunner-Sung, assistant professor in theatre who will be teaching MIP courses. “You capture a piece of time, with light, movement and sound. It’s an immersive medium for both makers and viewers, that has the power to shape human experience." 

For more details about the Moving Image Production major, visit the Film Studies Program

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