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The slash-and-burn agriculture practiced by many Indigenous societies across the world can actually have a positive impact on forests, according to a new study done in Belize.


In the first study to examine ice cores from the summit of the highest tropical mountain in the world, new evidence provides unique insight into the climate record of the Amazon Basin…

For podcast listeners in the United States, true crime is wildly popular. According to the Pew Research Center, 41% of listeners ages 18-29 listen to the genre. Pew also reported that it is the…

A surprising thing happened when researchers began exploring whether early-life stress compounds the effects of a childhood head injury on health and behavior later in life: In an animal study,…

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Lindsey Chamberlain
Assistant Dean of Academic Enrichment
Elijha Petzold
BSC Fiscal Associate
Harald Vaessin
Chair, Department of Molecular Genetics
Senior Grants and Contracts Specialist: Psychology