In an increasingly populated world, we find ourselves inextricably connected. Hear We Go  tells the story of one Mime and one Foley Artist who find themselves in an interdimensional struggle. At first, the boundary between them is solid. One reality silent and invisible, the other tangible and cacophonous. Each is only leading their own lives, but what happens when the barrier between them begins to crack? Can they set things right again, or will chaos rule?  

Hear We Go  was a devised piece of theatre created before COVID-19 by MFA theatre students Erin Alys and Connor Graham. During the summer of 2020, the actors were unable to tour the piece at fringe festivals, so they brought on a director and cinematographer to adapt it into a short film. Through filming, they continued to develop the story, refine techniques and learned how to adapt a theatre piece to a 2D medium. Now, with greater understanding of the spread and prevention of COVID-19, they're re-staging a live performance of Hear We Go  within masked and socially distanced parameters. Theatre makers are now learning how to edit, design, write and more because they have been forced to work differently than ever before. Erin and Connor hope you enjoy this project however you choose to encounter it; though the Summer 2020 film, live in an audience of small numbers, live streamed through the Hybrid Arts Lab or all of the above.

Hear We Go is presented in partnership with Urban Arts Space's Hybrid Arts Lab, a multi-venue learning lab that experiments with how art is imagined, made, viewed and understood.  

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