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Arts and Sciences iTunes U courses are "Off the Charts"

Six online courses from The Ohio State University College of Arts and Sciences were named on Apple's "Off the Charts 2017" list of most popular courses on iTunes U:

  • Branding, Content and Social Media — Teaches students to focus their energies where branding, social media, and compelling content intersect.
  • Calculus One — A first and friendly introduction to calculus. 
  • Data Literacy and Data Visualization — Introduces students to data visualization tools and the principles behind their use in the context of political science.
  • From Planets to the Cosmos — An overview of astronomy from our solar system to the universe as a whole. Designed for non-science majors.
  • General Chemistry — Topics include: dimensional analysis, atomic structure, the mole, stoichiometry, chemical reactions, thermochemistry, electron configuration, periodicity, bonding and molecular structure.
  • Life in the Universe — Explores scientists' ongoing quest for answers to some of the most fundamental human questions: How did life originate on Earth? Is there life on other worlds? Are we alone in the universe? What is the long-term future of life in the universe?

The iTunes U Off the Charts list comprises 83 of the year's most popular courses, which are broken down into the four categories of computer science and engineering; social sciences; humanities; and life and physical sciences. A course from Ohio State's Knowlton School of Architecture, "History of Architecture," also made the Off the Charts list in the humanities category. 

Additional universities with a strong presence on the list include Harvard, Missouri State, Stanford and Yale. 

Apple’s “Off the Charts 2017” list of most popular courses on iTunes U names six courses from @ASCatOSU. #ASCDaily