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The College of Arts and Sciences is led by the Executive Dean and Vice Provost with the support of the Vice Dean. The college is organized into three administrative divisions led by Divisional Deans: Arts and Humanities, Natural and Mathematical Sciences, and Social and Behavioral Sciences. In addition to divisional oversight, the deans – vice, divisional, associate and assistant – have college-wide functional roles.


David C. ManderscheidExecutive Dean Manderscheid
Executive Dean and Vice Provost
Sr. Executive Assistant: Heather Core; (614) 292-3236

Susan S. Williamsphoto of Susan Williams
Vice Dean, Faculty Affairs
Program Manager: Meg Piasecki; (614) 292-9789

Janet Box-SteffensmeierJanet Box-Steffensmeier
Divisional Dean, Graduate Education
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Associate to the Dean: Jenifer Rasor; (614) 292-7689

Christopher HadadChristopher Hadad
Divisional Dean, Research
Natural and Mathematical Sciences
Executive Assistant: Beth VanGundy; (614) 292-8908

Peter HahnPeter Hahn
Divisional Dean, Outreach and Engagement
Arts and Humanities
Executive Assistant: Caitlin Brendel; (614) 292-2077

Associate & Assistant Deans

Steven FinkStephen Fink
Associate Executive Dean for Curriculum and Instruction; (614) 292-4063
Executive Assistant: Linda Hood; (614) 292-2090

Deborah HaddadDeborah Haddad
Assistant Dean, Social and Behavioral Sciences; Natural and Mathematical Sciences; (614) 292-4063

Tina HenkinTina Henkin
Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs; (614) 292-1431

Garett HeyselGarret Heysel
Assistant Dean,
Arts and Humanities; (614) 292-4063

Mary Ellen JenkinsMary Ellen Jenkins
Assistant Executive Dean; (614) 292-7272

Stephen PetrillStephen Petrill
Associate Dean, Research; (614) 292-2769

Brian OreficeBrian Orefice
Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies; (614) 688-2500

Sergio SoaveSergio Soave
Associate Executive Dean for Space and Infrastructure; (614) 688-3167

Andrea Ward RossAndrea Ward Ross
Assistant Executive Dean for Research; (614) 688-4216

Valarie Williamsphoto Valarie Williams
Associate Dean for Outreach and Engagement; (614) 292-4063

Administrative Offices

Within the College of Arts and Sciences, several offices support the work of college administration; the nearly 80 departments, schools, centers and institutes in the college; and also work in partnership with university administration.

Administrative Services

Chief Administrative Officer

Kim Kinsel

Fiscal Services

Mark Miller, Finance Manager, A&H; (614) 292-9036

Jennifer Keaney, Finance Manager, NMS; (614) 292-1572

Marta Sparano, Finance Manager, SBS; (614) 292-0825

Human Resources

Graciela M. Chanfrau, Chief Human Resources Officer; (614) 292-3374

Scott Burlingame, Human Resources Manager; (614) 247-7163 

Peggy Link, Human Resources Manager, NMS; (614) 247-7867

Jennifer Prak, Human Resources Manager, A&H and SBS; (614) 247-4476

Stephanie Archer, HR Generalist

Alysaa Howard, HR Generalist

Megan Woodall, HR Generalist

Timothy Wood, HR Generalist

Advancement: Development and Alumni Relations

Chief Advancement Officer

Chris Delisio; (614) 247-1658

Executive Director, Development and Alumni Relations

Liz Burns; (614) 292-2197

Office Contact Information

425 Stillman Hall, 1947 College Ave.
Phone: (614) 292-9200


Leigh Briggs, Director of Development (Arts & Humanities); (614) 292-6059

Amanda DeWees, Director of Development (Social and Behavioral Sciences); (614) 292-2717

Rick Harrison, Director of Development (Natural and Mathematical Sciences); (614) 688-1385

Tammy Parker, Director of Development (Social and Behavioral Sciences); (614) 688-5660

David Precise Director of Development (Natural and Mathematical Sciences); (614) 688-1044

Samara Preisler, Senior Director of Development (Natural and Mathematical Sciences); (614) 247-1658

John Swartz, Senior Director of Development (Social and Behavioral Sciences); (614) 688-1834 

Alumni Relations

Annie Gordon, Senior Director of Alumni and Donor Relations; (614) 247-7048

Jennifer Farmer, Communications Program Coordinator; (614) 292-9488

Madey Khurma, Assistant Director of Alumni and Donor Relations; (614) 688-6359

Jasmine Hardy, Special Events Coordinator; (614) 688-1837

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Kelly Hebblethwaite-Johnson, Associate Director of Stewardship; (614) 292-1897

Office Support

Tanya Reed, Advancement Office Coordinator; (614) 247-8292

Advising & Academic Services

Arts and Sciences Advising and Academic Services provides an array of services to Ohio State students and other constituents.  

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Advising and Academic Services

Mary Ellen Jenkins
Assistant Executive Dean; (614) 292-7272

Honors Office; (614) 292-5104


Business Intelligence

Liana Crisan-Vandeborne, Resource Planning Analyst; 614-688-4520

Business Services Center (BSC)

The Arts and Sciences Business Services Center (BSC) provides expert human resource and financial services for Arts and Sciences. We are committed to the mission, vision and goals of Arts and Sciences.

To find out about our services please visit our website:

100 Journalism Building, 242 West 18th Avenue
Phone: 247-4356
Fax: 247-7470

Kelley Maynard, Manager; (614) 247-7168

BSC Fiscal Team

Erica Conley, Lead; (614) 247-8835

Candy Danforth, Fiscal Associate; (614) 292-6700

Ginnetta Lucas, Fiscal Associate; (614) 247-7935

Rene Reese, Fiscal Associate; (614) 688-8265


Kathy Baker, HR Operations Manager; (614) 247-4729

Greg Warner, HR Associate NMS; (614) 247-8462

Tawana Woods, HR Associate A&H; (614) 247-4774

Mary Sullivan, HR Associate SBS/ASC Admin & Exec. Deans; (614) 247-7895

Krista Adams, HR Associate SBS

Alex Rostorfer, HR Associate NMS; (614) 247-7446

Jeffrey Knapp, HR Associate eTime & eLeave; (614) 247-5311

BSC Procurement Team

Angelina Dzhabarov, Lead; (614) 247-4687

Melanie Holbert, Procurement Specialist; (614) 247-4660

Angela Mercer, Procurement Specialist; (614) 247-4662

Michael Wells, Procurement Specialist; (614) 247-4669

Center for Career and Professional Success

Brian Guerrero, Sr. Director

Stephanie Ford, Director; (614) 292-7055

Curriculum and Assessment Services

Bernadette Vankeerbergen, Program Director; (614) 688-5679

Events Coordination

Jasmine Hardy, Event Coordinator; (614) 688-1837

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Marketing & Communications

1010 Derby Hall, 154 North Oval Mall; (614) 292-8686

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Libby Eckhardt, Chief Communications Officer (CCO); (614) 688-5687

Juliana Scheiderer: Communications Assistant, Assistant to the CCO; (614) 292-8686

Molly Kime: Project Manager, Unit Liaison, Executive Communications; (614) 292-8686

Digital Marketing and Media Relations

Kevin Leonardi, Sr. Director (Ohio State University Marching Band); (614) 292-5935

Denise Blough, Digital Marketing Specialist (Social Media); (614) 292-8686

Recruitment and Diversity Services

Arts and Sciences Recruitment and Diversity Services (RDS) works to promote the college to prospective undergraduate and graduate students, while simultaneously supporting the university’s enrollment goals and initiatives. 

In addition, RDS sustains a continuum of diversity programs specifically targeted to the recruitment, retention and advancement of underrepresented students.

Recruitment and Diversity Services
154 Denney Hall, 164 W 17th Ave
Columbus, OH 43210
(614) 292-3891

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Student Programs

We value fully engaging our students in their academic life through programming that advances a holistic and transformational educational experience. Student Programs supports and engages undergraduate students through the monthly Undergraduate Student E-Newsletter, programs such as Take Your Professor to Lunch, the Arts and Sciences Student Council, an annual Ohio State College and Professional School Fair and college-central scholarships.

Ann Rottersman, Director of Student Programs
1030 Derby Hall, 154 North Oval Mall
Phone: (614) 247-2566
Fax: (614) 292-4500

Technology Services

Arts and Sciences’ Technology Services provides schools, departments centers, and other units with the information technology support services they need to achieve their strategic goals.
Our mission:

  • To meet the overall technology support needs of the college office and units across the College of Arts and Sciences
  • To provide strategically important and commonly needed technology products and services to all units across the college
  • To coordinate with the Office of the CIO on university-level technology initiatives

Please visit the Technology Services website to get technology support or for more information on our products and services.
(614) 688-4447