Every student at Ohio State will take General Education courses. Although these GE courses are meant to provide a broad baseline of learning, often times the courses supplement the student’s major or program. The requirements vary depending on whether you are pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree, a Bachelor of Science degree or a Professional Program in the Arts. If you are not sure which curriculum you are following, ask your advisor.

Bachelor of Arts

Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree

Bachelor of Science

Requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree

Professional Programs in the Arts

Requirements for the Professional Programs in the Arts degrees

Arts and Sciences Requirements

You must earn a minimum of 121 semester credit hours to earn an Arts and Sciences degree.

In addition to the GE, you will complete general college and major requirements and elective course work to reach a minimum of 121 credit hours.

Remedial courses (courses at the 10XX level or below, and English 1109) and credit hours earned in repeated course work do not count toward the 121 hour minimum requirement for the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. Note that you can take both "versions" of cross-listed courses (e.g., Comparative Studies 2670/Philosophy 2860); however, since the two versions are in fact the same course, only one may count toward your minimum degree hours.

The number of hours required to complete the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Arts in Journalism degree with a given major will depend on your program and goals. 

You may need to plan a program of more than 121 credit hours if you wish to complete specific professional or studio training, are preparing for graduate study in certain disciplines, or have multidisciplinary goals.

If the combination of course work for the GE, prerequisites, and your major program totals fewer than 121 hours, you have many options for the remaining hours, called electives. With your elective hours, you could pursue a second major, a minor, or a combination degree program; select a set of courses on a specific topic; engage in an undergraduate research experience; do internships; or study abroad. You are urged to meet with an Arts and Sciences advisor to work out a plan that best fits your needs and interests. In no case shall the number of hours required for graduation be fewer than 121.

Within the minimum 121 credit hours, you must have:

A minimum of 111 hours of Arts and Sciences or Arts and Sciences-approved courses.

You may count a maximum of 10 hours of non-Arts and Sciences and non-Arts and Sciences-approved course work toward your degree. Of the 10 hours, no more than 4 may be from physical activities courses taught in Education: Physical Activity and Educational Services (EDU PAES); physical activities courses include all 1100 level EDU PAES courses except for 1102, 1103, 1122, and 1137. A maximum of 8 hours of technical credit may be counted toward the 10 hours of non-Arts and Sciences and non-Arts and Sciences-approved course work; however, the combination of EDU PAES, technical, and other non-Arts and Sciences credit hours may not exceed 10.

A minimum of 39 hours of Arts and Sciences or Arts and Sciences-approved upper-division course work.

Upper-division courses are defined as all Arts and Sciences courses at the 3000 level or above, Philosophy 2500, all courses taught by departments in mathematical and physical sciences at the 2000 level and above (except for courses numbered 2194), and foreign language courses taught in the language at the 2000 level. Your 39 upper-division hours may come from hours earned for the GE, the major, and electives.

A minimum of 30 credit hours earned through regular course enrollment at Ohio State.

Regular course enrollment at Ohio State and in the College of Arts and Sciences in your final semester.

In addition, you must have:
  • A cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0 for all work attempted at Ohio State.
  • A cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 in your major.
  • An application for the degree on file in the Arts and Sciences Graduation Services office in 141 Denney Hall.

ASC/FCOB Combined Degree Requirements

Below are links to curriculum sheets for students pursuing degrees concurrently in both Arts and Sciences (ASC) and the Fisher College of Business (FCOB). Please note that students following the ASC/FCOB Combined Degree Requirements should file a petition to pursue two degrees with an Arts and Sciences advisor as soon as they are admitted to the Fisher College of Business.

Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BA/BSBA) GE requirements [pdf]
Bachelor of Science & Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BS/BSBA) GE requirements [pdf]


Are you an honors student?

Please talk to your academic advisor in the honors program about your general education requirements. 

Are you pursuing two or more majors?

Your GE requirements might change depending on which majors you are pursuing. Please consult with your academic advisor prior to making GE course decisions.

Are you pursuing combined Arts and Sciences and Fisher College of Business Degrees?

Please see the combined ASC/FCOB degree requirements above.

Are you undecided on a major?

Please schedule an appointment with an Arts and Sciences academic advisor by calling (614) 292-6961.

How do I know if I am under the GEC or the GE?

The GEC requirements apply if you began your career as a regularly enrolled college student at Ohio State prior to Summer 2012.

The GE requirements apply if you began your career as a regularly enrolled college student at Ohio State Summer 2012 or later or if you were on a leave of absence for a full term starting Spring 2012 (not including summer).

If you are not sure about which curriculum applies to you, please call (614) 292-6961 to schedule an appointment.

The general education requirement sheets are updated each term. Please be certain you are reviewing the most current document for the curriculum you are under.

Please contact Todd Bitters, bitters.4@osu.edu, if you require any of the above documents or content in an alternative format.

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