Advising Support

Your advisor will help you with course scheduling, finding internship opportunities and answering any questions you have about your major or GE requirements. Your advisor is assigned to you based on your major. See our majors pages or check your Student Center on BuckeyeLink to find your advisor.

Can you DIY or do you need an appointment?

You can do the following without an appointment:

  • Learn how to apply to graduate.
  • Print your advising report.
  • Print your Degree Audit Report (DAR).
  • Obtain financial aid information by calling (614) 292-0300.
  • Download a Course Enrollment Form [pdf] (when you need permission to schedule a course).
  • Find out about financial holds on your record by contacting the Bursar's Office. You won't be able to schedule courses if you have a hold on your account.
  • Update your record so you can enroll in courses by calling (614) 292-6961.
  • Check your registration window by going to BuckeyeLink and attempting to schedule for classes.
  • Download an updated curriculum sheet.

The following situations require an appointment:

  • Applying to graduate
  • Concerns about graduating
  • Prospective students
  • Reviewing your general education requirements
  • Planning your schedule for the next term
  • Creating a degree plan/projection
  • Changing or adding a new major
  • Reviewing transfer credit
  • Advising on pre-professional programs (pre-education/pre-health/pre-law)
  • Applying to the Capital Program
  • Adding/dropping classes
  • Substituting a required course for something else
  • Returning for a second degree
  • Petitioning for reinstatement after dismissal
  • ROTC degree plans/projections
  • Probation or academic warning
  • Other personal situations

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How to Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment with an academic advisor, please call (614) 292-6961 or visit us in 100 Denney Hall (West Lobby).
Please note: you may be directed to contact your major department for an appointment.

Please read the following guidelines:

  • Call to schedule an appointment. Please do not e-mail your advisor to schedule an appointment. You should request to see your assigned academic advisor, but if your academic advisor is not available and you have urgent business, you can request to see the first available advisor.
  • You may opt for a text message reminder about your upcoming appointment. Please note: your carrier's standard text message rates will apply. 
  • Advisors book up quickly during certain periods of the term. Plan to schedule an appointment a week or two in advance.
  • At the time of your appointment, be sure to check in at the office where your advisor is located. Your appointment confirmation e-mail message should contain that information.
  • If you are more than 10 minutes late for an appointment, the advisor may not be able to help you with all of your questions. Typically, advisors have back-to-back appointments, and we want to respect everyone’s time.
  • If you know you cannot make it to an appointment, call as soon as possible to cancel
  • It is sometimes possible for an advisor to see you on the same day if you have a pressing concern or an emergency matter. While we cannot guarantee same-day appointments, we will do our best.

Contact an Advisor

Your advisor is assigned to you based on your major, see a list of advisors on our majors pages or check your Student Center on BuckeyeLink to find your assigned advisor.

Are you interested in attending Ohio State?

If you are interested in enrolling as an undergraduate student at Ohio State, you should contact the Admissions Office to request application forms and application instructions for both admission and financial aid.

Are you transferring to Ohio State?

Prior to transferring to Ohio State, students may have questions about how their credits will be applied to a particular program. If you have interest in a program in the Arts and Sciences, we can provide you with more information on the transfer process.

Changing Majors?

If you are considering changing your major, it is best to see an advisor as soon as possible. Access the list of ASC majors with links to contact information for each department.

Are you an international applicant?

Admission requirements, procedures, and deadlines for international applicants differ from domestic applicants. International applicants should request an International Application Packet from the International Undergraduate Admissions Office.
Information provided in the International Application Packet supersedes the information on this web site. Please visit the International Undergraduate Admissions Office web site for your queries.

Are you a current or returning student?

Schedule an advising appointment. Call our phone center at (614) 292-6961 (option 3) for an advising appointment. Most advising matters, other than quick questions, require an appointment.

Information about the Capital Program

The Capital Program

The Capital Program is a special program designed in cooperation between Arts and Sciences and the Fisher College of Business. The Capital Program is an option for students who would like to complement their liberal arts degree with courses in business. The program consists of six common courses, followed by three or four courses within one of five business specialty areas.

The requirements for the Capital Program are listed below. Candidates for the Capital Program must complete an application with Todd Bitters, Anne Collins, or Ryan Heitkamp, advisors in the Arts and Sciences Advising and Academic Services office. To apply, students should make an appointment with a Capital Program advisor by calling (614) 292-6961.

Note: the following requirements apply to students who were admitted to the Capital program summer term 2012 or later.

Requirements prior to application (6-10 hours):

1. Declaration of an Arts and Sciences major

2. At least sophomore standing

3. Completion of the following:          

    ·CSE 1111 or 2111
    ·ECON 2001.01 
    ·MATH 1130 or higher, or placement M or L

4. Competitive overall grade point average

Additional requirements (9 hours):

1. Completion of core course work:

    ·ACCTMIS 2000
    ·BUSMHR 3200
    ·ECON 2002.01

Note: with the exception of ECON 2002.01, core courses cannot overlap with your major or minor. Each course requires a grade of  “C-” or better, and a minimum 2.0 grade point average in the core course work and the track is required.

2. Completion of an approved internship (may be for credit, non-credit, or documented  equivalent experience).

3. Completion of a selected track


Choose one of the following 5 tracks. Note: each course requires a grade of “C-” or better, and a minimum 2.0 grade point average in the core course work and the track is required. Not all track courses are offered each semester. Track courses cannot be used on your major, your minor, or the GE.

Computer and Information Science (9 hours):

CSE 1223, 2123, 2133

International Business (10.5 hours):

BUSMHR 2000 and 3000 + 2 more: BUSMHR 4020, 4021, 4321, ECON 4200

Management and Human Resources (9 hours):

BUSMHR 4320 or ECON 4800 + 2 more: BUSMHR 4321, 4325, 4330

Marketing (9 hours):

BUSML 3250, 3241, 4201

Real Estate (10.5 hours):

BUSFIN 3500, 3400, 4411, 4412