Emergent Materials, Center for


Physics Research Building
191 W. Woodruff Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210

Christopher Hammel

The Center for Emergent Materials, an NSF MRSEC (CEM), is one of a national network of 23 MRSECs that foster active collaboration between universities and industry. CEM researchers work in teams to tackle nanoscale materials science problems too complex for researchers to solve alone. CEM was founded in 2008 and received renewed support totaling $17.9M from the National Science Foundation in 2014 to support it through 2020.

CEM puts Ohio State squarely in the top echelon of research universities with significant materials research programs. Our goal is to facilitate integrated research on emergent materials and phenomena in magneto-electronics to lay the practical foundation for creating new models for computing and information storage. This includes building both future oxide-based electronic devices that can perform multiple functions, and energy-efficient, fast computers that have integrated memory and logic. 

{Christopher Hammel, Director, CEM}