Melton Center Scholars

The Ohio State University Melton Center was the first center for Jewish Studies at an American public university. The center develops, promotes and supports teaching and research in Jewish Studies by faculty and students; actively encourages the study of all aspects of the Jewish experience; and sponsors educational programs that serve the public. 

Our Jewish Studies Program is one of the largest and most respected programs in the United States, and our faculty members are internationally recognized scholars in their fields. Students choose our Jewish Studies Program for the variety of courses, the many events and the vibrant Jewish life at Ohio State and Columbus.

{Matt Goldish, Professor, Melton Center}


32 scholars from diverse academic departments


  • Hebrew and Yiddish language; Jewish history, biblical times to present
  • Jewish literature, in translation and original languages
  • Jewish mysticism and messianism
  • Jewish thought and philosophy



Major and Minor Programs
Minor in Jewish Oral History


Through disciplinary departments

Supporting Student Scholars

The Melton Center offers generous scholarships, grants, and awards to high-achieving undergraduate and graduate students to encourage excellence in Jewish studies.

“The Melton Center has played an influential role in my college experience and has allowed me to gain a greater interest in Jewish Studies more than I ever expected. Through the diverse course offerings, talks and other opportunities provided by the Melton Center, I have grown both intellectually and professionally,” said Rachel Lieberman, Jewish studies major; psychology minor. 

Our History

Jewish Studies at The Ohio State University comprises one of the largest and most diverse programs in the country, offering an impressive selection of courses, a multidisciplinary faculty, and a wide range of events. Melton faculty are internationally recognized in their respective fields, including History, Philosophy, Political Science, Music, English, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, Germanic Languages and Literatures, Classics, Art and Education. The Ohio State University has one of the largest Judaica library collections in the country, with a full-time Judaica librarian and over 300,000 volumes. 

Support the Melton Center

Jewish Studies at American universities are on the front lines of the major issues facing the Jewish community:

  • Jewish knowledge and identity
  • Relations between Jews and the American majority culture
  • Jewish continuity
  • Israel and Zionism
  • Ethics and morals
  • Jewish responsibilities and responses toward a complex world

About 1,200 students from numerous backgrounds and orientations take Jewish Studies courses at Ohio State each year. The program prepares students to carry the lessons and values they learn here throughout their lives and to create a positive impact on their future.

The Melton Center also sponsors students who wish to study abroad in Israel, Eastern Europe and elsewhere. We offer graduate fellowships and student awards for excellent work. They enrich the campus and community by bringing outstanding scholars and programs. 


Judaica library collections
One of the nation’s largest, with more than 300,000 volumes

Travel Grants
Any student, regardless of major, who wishes to study an aspect of Jewish studies abroad is eligible to apply 

Student Internships
Offered by Jewish community institutions

Outreach Opportunities
Students participate in events and programs that engage the campus and greater Columbus community

including scholarships for Education Abroad. See all scholarships online at:

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