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Ancient History and Classics (BA)

Ancient History and Classics (BA)


Ancient history and classics, offered jointly by the Department of Classics and the Department of History, combines two closely related fields: classics, which is the study of ancient Greek and Roman culture, and ancient history, which is the study of political, military and cultural events and developments the cultures and people of ancient Greece and Rome experienced from the Bronze Age to the beginning of the Middle Ages.

Why choose ancient history and classics?

The ancient history and classics major is devoted to the study of the languages, literature and cultures of Greece and Rome, focusing on Antiquity but including all periods from the Bronze Age to Modern Greece. This study is important, as the origins of Western and much Near Eastern literature, philosophy, art, religion and social forms lay in the ancient world, making Greece and Rome vital contributors to ongoing discussions of "who we are" in a broader sense.

What can you do with this degree?

Graduates find their marketable skills considerably enhanced by their humanities education. A degree in ancient history and classics is often paired with a minor in another subject, along with relevant specialized course work, to provide excellent preparation for a career in medicine, business, law, education, politics, government, media and publishing.