Communication (BA)

Communication (BA)


Education in communication focuses on the relationships among the communicator (speaker, writer), the message (oral, written, electronic), the receiver (individual, group), the media, and the social and cultural environment in which communications take place. By studying these elements across various contexts, students develop an understanding of principles of communication, the strategies for analysis of communication problems and solutions, and tactics to communicate effectively. The program aims to produce graduates who have a broad knowledge of contemporary communication challenges and who are equipped to apply their knowledge and understanding to a variety of practical situations.

Areas of Study

  • New Media and Communication Technology
  • Communication Analysis and Practice
  • Strategic Communication

Why choose communication?

Ranked in the top five among high impact communication programs, Ohio State's School of Communication provides undergraduates with rigorous and innovative curriculum, state-of-the-art multimedia classrooms, multiplatform labs and podcasting studio, hands-on training through internships, alumni networking and mentoring opportunities, and access to internationally renowned faculty.

What can you do with this degree?

Graduates with a focus on new media and communication technology are prepared for careers as managers of technology based communication campaigns, usability analysts, online content developers, and web and multimedia designers. Within the strategic communication track, students train for careers as communication specialists, marketing and public relations professionals, communication campaign managers, sales, and communication consultants.