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Faculty Spotlight: Charles Csuri Creates Interactive Game

Faculty Spotlight: Charles Csuri Creates Interactive Game

Charles (Chuck) Csuri, computer animation pioneer and professor emeritus in the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD), age 95, has published a new interactive game, ScatterTile, available on the Apple App Store.

It features Csuri’s colorful computer animations, created over the span of more than half a century. Players are invited to share in a sense of play by sliding pieces into place to complete these works of art.

Csuri said he was approached by a local group of gamers to see if he wanted to design a game. “ScatterTile was my response to that,” he added. “They assisted me with many technical matters and taught me about how games work on the Internet.” He was assisted in developing the game by programmer Alex Patton and artist Shannon Frechen.

Response to the game has been positive. “It’s interesting to see if people even recognize it as pieces of art instead of just solving a challenge,” he said. “People seem to like the idea of a moving puzzle game. They say it’s very cool!”

Csuri’s sense of playful curiousity led to the innovations that helped form the visual structure and graphics capabilities of computers as we know them today. He has created thousands of works of computer art from its infancy in the 1960s to this game, first marketed in late 2017.

Why study the Arts at Ohio State?

Why study the Arts at Ohio State?

The visual and performing arts are a centerpiece of The Ohio State University. Our rich and challenging curriculum and professional faculty artists cultivate a vibrant environment where unlimited opportunities exist for creativity, free expression, real-world experience, strong traditions and community engagement.

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