Browning Internship Fund supports internships for political science students

November 9, 2021

Browning Internship Fund supports internships for political science students

Miriam Browning

As a student in the turbulent political climate of the early 1970s, political science alumnus Jim Carroll ’73 remembers his education at Ohio State as a time of growth that was made easier through the help of others.

“I remember when I was a student, money was something that was very scarce,” he said. “However in the ’70s, it wasn’t as painful as it is nowadays.”

When Carroll first heard about an opportunity to help students fund their internships, he saw it as a chance to give back.

“During my life, there’s been a number of people very important to me in my career and advancement that took the interest and helped me along the way,” he said. “So, if I can help somebody in a little way, I certainly like doing that.”

Created by political science alumna Miriam Browning ’65, the Browning Internship Fund is for Pell-eligible students who wish to explore professional opportunities in public policy/service. Political sciences students are given first preference, but other Pell-eligible students in the College of Arts and Sciences can also apply.

“Ohio State made it easy to establish this resource for Pell-eligible students,” Browning says. “It’s important that young people consider careers in government or related public policy/service jobs.   The country needs its best and brightest at the heart of its infrastructure to tackle critical national and global challenges.” 

While Carroll and Browning have never met, they are connected by a strong interest in helping students excel in their political science internships. Their gifts lessen the financial burden on these students, enabling them to focus on exploring their passion, gaining valuable work experience and developing future skills and networks.

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