Evaluating the Industries of Ideas

February 6, 2024

Evaluating the Industries of Ideas

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Faculty at the College of Arts and Sciences and the John Glenn College of Public Affairs spearhead Ohio State’s work on a U.S. National Science Foundation, $4.5 million pilot project to answer that question by following the people who learn and train at universities and then gain employment in artificial intelligence and electric vehicles in Ohio. They will work to produce a database and dashboard that could eventually be used or adapted by other states to evaluate different industries and federal and state as well as corporate and private investments.

Bruce Weinberg, the Eric Byron Fix-Monda Endowed Professor of Economics and Public Affairs, is the lead investigator on Ohio State’s role in the three-year NSF project. 

“Most of what we do involves taking knowledge and putting it in the hands of students, postdocs and staff and developing a workforce that’s knowledgeable about these things,” Weinberg said. “So, a way of measuring this is tracking people who are engaged in research projects and seeing where they get hired.”

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