back to news June 10, 2014

'Globe Trot' Goes Online

Filmmaker Mitchell Rose and Choreographer Bebe Miller, both from the Department of Dance, have created an international crowd-sourced film, Globe Trot. Fifty filmmakers on all seven continents (including an Ohio State research station in Antarctica) each shot two seconds of Miller’s choreography and sent the footage back to Rose, who edited it together to create one continuous video. In his artist statement, Rose says he hopes, “this continuity might become a metaphor for a continuity between peoples of the world.” The film was made possible by the step-by-step instruction manual featuring choreography videos as well as framing specifications and the necessary equipment. Globe Trot has already won five festival awards since premiering at the prestigious Cinedans festival in Amsterdam in March and is now available online. Check it out!

Featured on Broad and High, July 23, 2014

Globe Trot Video

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