Q&A faculty spotlight: Shadrick Addy

November 30, 2022

Q&A faculty spotlight: Shadrick Addy

Shadrick Addy

Shadrick Addy is an assistant professor in the Department of Design and the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD). Professor Addy graduated with an Associate of Arts and Associate of General Education from the College of The Albemarle, a Bachelor of Science in graphic design from Elizabeth City State University, and a Master of Graphic Design from NC State University.

Please describe your current research/creative activity or area(s) of interest. 

My research interest focuses on social impact and explores how designers can leverage virtual and augmented reality systems to recreate historical experiences, encourage empathy, and facilitate social interaction in educational and cultural environments.

What/who influenced you to select your area(s) of study and how has that impacted your career? 

My interest in design for social impact stems from my desire to leverage design tools and principles to address complex societal problems and contribute towards community efforts to make the world a better place for everyone. In graduate school, my mentor and thesis chair, Dr. Derek Ham, introduced me to virtual reality (VR). Beyond graduate school, his work continues to influence my research interest in leveraging VR for immersive storytelling and cultural preservation.

What undergraduate classes do you teach? 

I teach three undergraduate Design Media courses (Design 3400, Design 4400, and Design 5453) in the Visual Communication Design program in the Department of Design. Design 3400 focuses on Communication through Motion Design. Design 4400 focuses on Designing Immersive Virtual Environments & Systems. Design 5453 explores future media possibilities for Visual Communication Design.

Why do you think a student should take these classes and, if appropriate, why would they be of interest to students majoring in other disciplines?

Each course allows students to explore the affordances of current and emerging design media technology. Theoretical knowledge and practical skills learned in each course have various applications that students from other disciplines can apply to their respective interests and area of study.

What aspects of your teaching give you the most satisfaction?

All of it! But I’m most satisfied when I see students embrace who they are and bring their learned experience, culture, and interest into the classroom to create an enriching learning experience for everyone.

If there are opportunities for undergraduates to connect with you for research or creative activity, please share what this would be and how students should reach out to you.

I welcome the opportunity to work with students interested in community engagement, social impact, and working with augmented and virtual reality technologies. You can find examples of my work on my website at shadrickaddy.com. You can also contact me by email: addy.29@osu.edu.

If you lead an education abroad program, please share information about that program.

I do not currently lead an education abroad program, but I have an interest in participating in or starting one in the near future.

What book/movie would you recommend or what music do you enjoy? 

  • Books: Developing Citizen Designer by Elizabeth Resnick and Designing For Social Change… by Andrew Shea
  • Movies: Ray (2004), Sarafina! (1992), What Happened to Monday (2017)
  • Music: I got introduced to design through my love for music. I’ve recorded two hip-hop mixtapes. I currently enjoy listening to Jazz, Reggae, and Afrobeat music.

What is the most interesting place you have visited?

Liberia is the most interesting place I’ve visited. Perhaps “revisit” might be the appropriate term. I was born in Liberia but left my homeland as a teenager and returned fourteen years later. My return was a bitter-sweet experience that helped spark my interest in social design.

What is the best advice you have received? 

Opportunity Changes Everything!

What advice would you give to undergraduate students?

Be confident in your creativity. 

Feel free to stop by my office hours. I love to talk about:

Sports, Technology, and Food and learn about students’ interests. 

Would you like to share a fun/interesting fact about yourself?

I speak a second language called Kpelleh. It is one of many indigenous languages in Liberia.

Learn more about Professor Addy's work, email and office location on his department page.

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