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Resuming the spring term – additional information on pass/non-pass option

UPDATE (March 26):

The University Senate has approved the change to allow students to take elective and General Education courses with Pass/No Pass grading for the spring 2020 semester only. The College of Arts and Sciences is extending this policy to also include courses taken to fulfill requirements of Arts and Sciences majors and minors.

Students interested in pursuing the Pass/No Pass grading option for one or more courses should contact their academic advisor. Your advisor can talk with you about the implications this choice may have for your plans during and after college. The University Senate has approved the extension to declare taking a course PA/NP until April 17, 2020. This option is available to all students, regardless of GPA. Students now also have until April 17 to withdraw from a class.

Additionally, students requesting an Incomplete for a spring 2020 course will now have 10 weeks from the start of the next term to complete their work. The existing rule provides 6 weeks from the start of the next term.

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Gretchen Ritter, executive dean and vice provost, sent the following message to Arts and Sciences undergraduate students on March 22.

Dear Arts and Sciences undergraduates,
This week brings the resumption of classes – in a much different way than any of us could have anticipated. I know how challenging this is. There are resources online for remote learning, and the Office of Student Life also has an updated list of support resources for you.
I have been inspired by how hard our students, faculty and staff in the Arts and Sciences have worked over the past two weeks to adjust to these rapidly changing circumstances. I could not be more proud or grateful. I hope you’ll take a moment to tell us about these wonderful members of our Arts and Sciences community:
Pass/non-pass option for undergraduate students
As you will have seen from the message from Provost McPheron, the university has proposed several changes that give you new options for grading during this semester. These changes, which are pending approval by the University Senate later this week, include: 

  • Extending the deadline for you to request the Pass/No Pass option (PA/NP) until April 17, 2020
  • Expanding the range of classes eligible for the PA/NP option to include GE courses (the option previously was available only for electives) 

In addition to these provisions, and only for the current semester, the College of Arts and Sciences will allow you to choose to have one or more courses that count toward an ASC major or minor graded on a PA/NP basis. In this case also, you have until April 17 to elect the option.
You should consult with your academic advisor about choosing the PA/NP option. Your advisor can talk with you about the implications this choice may have for your plans during and after college. Because the PA/NP grades do not factor into GPA calculations, such a grade cannot lower your GPA, but it also will not raise it. There may be other issues to consider as well, and your advisor can discuss those with you.

I once again am thankful for you all during these challenging circumstances. While I know you will be getting back to your classes this week, please ensure above all else you are taking good care of yourselves and your loved ones, too.