In the newly renovated Hopkins Hall, a curtain wall of windows lets in an abundance of natural light

The Department of Art at The Ohio State University is broad-based, both discipline intensive and boundary pushing, a modern laboratory in which to create and explore art and ideas. Through the production, examination and evaluation of the visual arts, the Department of Art serves as a place where students and faculty can experiment with material and content, and where a diverse audience can take part in our exhibitions, public lectures and educational programming. 

Established on a foundation of comprehensive artistic visualization, we strive to be at the forefront of developments in contemporary aesthetic thought and practice. Our programs have a fierce commitment to purposeful connection that firmly aligns with the university's mission of education, research and service.

{Rebecca Harvey, Chair, Department of Art}

Areas of Study

  • Art & Technology
  • Ceramics
  • Glass
  • Painting & Drawing
  • Photography
  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture

Embedded in these primary areas are film/video, animation, robotics, 3D modeling, performance art, social practice, art critical practice and interdisciplinary studies.

Degree Programs

The degree programs and the studio art minor offered in the Department of Art at Ohio State are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). Students work toward undergraduate and graduate degrees, concentrating in areas of art and technology, ceramics, glass, painting and drawing, photography, printmaking and sculpture. The department emphasizes interdisciplinary experience as well as the study of theoretical and critical activities of the studio artist.

Degrees Offered: BA, Art; BFA, Art; Minor, Studio Art; MFA, Art 

Study Abroad Opportunities in Art

The department offers a rotating program of study abroad opportunities in art open to  both graduate and undergraduate students. In 2015 Professor Roger Bebee took a group of students to Berlin, Germany to explore the city and focus on aesthetic approaches of cognitive mapping. In 2016 Professor Suzanne Silver will take students to Siena, Italy to explore the influences of ancient art on contemporary art focusing on the practices of walking, art and ritual.

Academic Experience

The Department of Art at The Ohio State University offers an exceptional nationally ranked MFA program and quality undergraduate programs that are recognized nationally and internationally. The department is a community of professional fine artists, dedicated faculty, skilled staff and engaged students, all of whom are fully committed to learning, research, and service.

Graduate Students

Our graduate students pursue an MFA in art. During their time here they are actively teaching, learning, and producing innovative and original work. They participate in numerous exhibitions, from an introductory first year show to a widely experimental second year show culminating in the presentation of their thesis work in the Urban Arts Space gallery in downtown Columbus.


Our faculty are accomplished professionals who make significant contributions to the cultural life of the university, city, state, nation and world through research that results in creative activities, exhibitions, public lectures and other professional activities. The faculty are committed to providing members of our community with an intellectually stimulating environment, access to top rate facilities and connections to the vast resources available on our campus.

Undergraduate Majors

The BFA in Art is the professional degree program that prepares students for diverse careers through specialized studio training. The prospective student must complete a sequence of core courses during the first and second years of study. During the second year of the program, students prepare their portfolios for review and acceptance by a specific area of emphasis in the BFA degree program.

The BA in Art is a liberal arts degree program that serves as a general introduction to the experiences of the artist. This program of study includes a range of studio practices in all areas of the department and in art history and theory. The curriculum develops creative problem solving skills that can be applied to a variety of careers.

The Minor in Studio Art provides students the opportunity to integrate creative and artistic practice with other academic or research pursuits. Students pursuing the minor in studio art are not necessarily seeking careers as practicing professional artists, but rather unique careers where the visual arts and creativity may be desirable skills.